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Nineteen twenty nine. The cartoon character Popeye the sailor made his debut in the thimble theatre comic strip ever heard of the thimble theatre comic strip did. No, I have not Popeye if you're not familiar with Popeye. He's a sailor. He has great big forearms the biggest forearms. I've ever seen except for Steve Garvey, Gerry. And he's basically there's a guy named Pluto. Who's always competing with toys? Yeah. Up in his business. Yeah. The pop is just really nice guy with a little pipe that six out the edge of his mouth. And he's always really nice. But he's got a girlfriend olive oil. Who is about the skinniest person? I've ever seen in my life. I mean, when you get those legs, it looked like pipe cleaners in the Marcus mcduffie lay wears these giant waffle stopper combat boots. And she's not an attractive. Let's her lets her look. Well, yeah. But it's not a good. Look. She's not very good looking and yet Popeye adores, all of course, and Bluto always. Pluto's gets Phil for her as well. Bluto is just incredibly horny big of a guy with a beard. Ugly guy mean a bully. At all right now. And then he's got Popeye down by the throat beating the crap out of it. Yeah. So what's this little Popeye? This will say the guy gotta do well somehow or other he has everywhere he goes, he has a can of spinach kind of intestinal fortitude. Plans ahead got some spinach, and he can open it. He I've seen him open it with his can with his hype. Just squeeze it with any kind of and the spinach if you've never seen this. It's incredible the spinach is this green blob that goes up in the air like a waterfall and comes right down in his mouth, his muscles. Then begin to pop out. They like battleships show up on his forearms. And he begins to beat the snot out of Pluto. Yup. By the end of that's the MO. That's and it's the same thing every cartoon, and I love it. Yeah. Popeye is ninety eight years old. It gives you see why like Popeye. I mean, he's the best cards. He's a classic. Yeah. Could now they used to do a kid show here on channel ten that headed guy who looked a lot like Popeye and Bill Mike lane was captain Bill now and these two guys would introduce the cartoons. And so there was I can't remember the man's name. But there was a man who looks a lot like Popeye. So they had him on TV. All right. There's my Popeye story to today's Popeye's birthday and after dining fast food during their visits to the White House. The Clemson Tigers have been invited to eat it some of Chicago's most acclaimed restaurants, Nick conus. All right. The co owner of the l l Aena group invited the college football champions to experience, but an actual celebration. Dinner should be the move comes after President Trump, Monday served the fast players fast, food, hamburgers and pizza. The White House mess people apparently were on you know, they weren't there. Because of the shutdown cocoon tweeted that he couldn't care less about college football, but added that this is about showing them how a proper celebration looks in. Adulthood, Timpson has not responded to the they can't send the whole football team to Chicago for a dinner. That's not gonna happen. Maybe Nick, the Greek will invite him, you know, spend the money to do it. Classes to go to dinner that the president hosted this raising. Well, you heard toddstarnes raising a little controversy around the country. That's that's if we don't have anything. Yeah. There's nothing else. We have. That's not diverse. All these days is there. All right. Six thirty eight now, Stephen dead. And it's time for the commodities update with Tom Leffler of Leffler commodities. Good morning. Tom. Well, good morning. Steve it will wild trading station wins different academy complex, and they close mostly positive. New contract is were made in February and April. Live cattle contract rallied late to close on the positive side the feeders. Make new lows for the week with triple-digit downside of time. Saying also rallied late to close mostly positive. There's been no trade in our feed yard, the lean hogs trading close negative yesterday with the April contract having it slow street since the sixteenth of August on the close damn channel eighty seven cents higher one twenty seven eighty two March. Feeder cattle down a nickel at one forty four seventy two dollars and ten cents lower at sixty dollars and five cents. Only the corn teachers were able to hold it early station. Upside the weakness only beans traded mixed enclosed mostly positive the manage money and technicals are moving to great markets is there is no new news March PC week. This morning is two and a half. Stay in tired for ninety eight corn opinion. Quarter three seventy five and a quarter points. So he means three and a quarter cents higher..

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