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Leyva concert we're seeing the december is and then we're it's pride i don't which weekend is which we're going to our friends graduation and then i'm going to oregon like in the middle of a random week at the end of the month we're like staying in an airbnb bend which is exciting because i haven't been oregon yet and that's really fun and then like i don't know what's really going on for july i don't think we have july we say this every year june is always fucking slammed in joy is like i'm just going to be honestly it's going to be hot one and then like god bless like virtual finally getting here soon we should be getting some of the by the end of this month hopefully he is not a lot of also like just a side note i say i am not paying west elm prices for my shit to arrived destroyed god so we fuck and we got of thing a really not crappy but like really cheap like cabinet thing for bathroom just to have like some towels on some other random sixty five dollars in it came like perfectly like okay no scratches dings anything assembled it in like twenty minutes good to go it works as designed everything grain we order some fucking platters from anthropology boozy full as banana leaf platter that we wanted to put on our dining room table that has gone you're get and it was like a nicer peace and ceramic and we try to get it twice and it came broken both time so i gotta refunded and then because they didn't pack it like with anything to protect them like yeah girl what are you doing and then we order fuck in lamp from west elm which we got some other to this not arriving it but the plan is the only thing that's being shipped the other stuff because it's like actual furniture they like they don't have it setup we're going to deliver yeah they bring it to your house so i'm assuming it's going to arrive okay yeah so then the lamp shows up and it's metal and it's scratched in dinged in dented everywhere all over so sad and i'm like why am i paying these ridiculous fucking like extra expensive prices for like west elm.

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