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Only one this game by three, the only one by two and they kept asking him since Windows style points matter in the NFL. This is not college football. There's no computer system is gonna tell us who's going to play in the championship game, and frankly, I thought that's kind of a Buffalo was doing. I thought they were trying to Really impressed themselves that he'd go out there and prove to themselves that not only could they win was they could bludgeon these football teams and I kind of the house with you on our show. I called him Jay Z like when that matches came up against the bills, I said the cheese Rive, R City. I called them J V. I don't know if you remember Starter jacket, but there was a knock off version called Logo Athletic. That's kind of a Buffalo was like There's nothing wrong with localized leg. You keep you warm believe can't do cheese as a starter jacket. So I think that the Chiefs were kind of coasting as the season went along and most of the time in sports When you talk about a team that's toasting even if you think I like the Golden State Warriors for a couple of seasons. They weren't winning all the time, and the chief kept on winning as they were coast that you said 14 into. They could have gone 15 1 had they played their starters that last week, so I do think there was something to the fact that they've been waiting the entire year. Travis Kelsey said that much We know we're gonna be in the playoff now that it's here. I think you've seen a different version of the cheese. I think you've seen them. Maybe a little bit more focused, taking it to another year. And that's why I think you're gonna see tonight. I mean, if you really break it down against Cleveland, the Chiefs were cooking in that game. Patrick Holmes got hurt. I put a shock and everybody And then they end up winning the game. But it wasn't pretty. The next week passed back against Buffalo, and they actually smoked the build. And Andy Reid. Now that he's had a couple of weeks off is the best all time when it comes to coaches after Abi so It just feels to me like even though campus got this game in their own backyard and no question right now the greatest quarterback of all time is on their side that they've met their match tonight against City chiefs. Sean Levin, co host of the drive on 6 10 in Kansas City. Joining me helping break down Super Bowl 55. How big a concern is the Eric Fisher injury for tonight's game, Sean concerned, I mean, he's been there for a long time, talking eight or nine seasons. His offensive line has been patchwork all year. There's a thing and I have pounded the table all year long. Patrick Mahomes does not need to run the football. There's guys that have that in their job title there, cold running back Turn around Kevin balls, those guys they don't have a half a billion dollars coming their way from the franchise. Although I completely changed my tune when the playoffs come around, and I changed it even more When this game the Super Bowl comes around. My point is, I don't care if factory homes run tonight, because if they win, he gets the ring. And eventually, when all this covert stuff over with, I assume that means we could have another parade here in Kansas City, so It's kind of scary that Eric Fisher's out because the entire offense in line has been up, down and in and out of the Boston guys, you never heard of an undrafted draft pick. The good news is Even though I think that the books were gonna pressure packed from homes in this game. I think he's going to take off and run because you asked me right now who's gonna be the Chiefs leading rusher in this football game? I don't think it's gonna be a running back. I think it's gonna be the quarterback. I think it's gonna be Patrick Mahomes. Yeah, I'm on over 25 a half rushing yards from home for that exact reason Shawn is I think my contention with this game is that Patrick Mahomes legs might be more important than Patrick Mahomes arm in this game just because we saw it against buffalo..

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