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Celebration event is here which means great deals on the S. U. V. is built to stand the test of time are waiting before time runs out right now during ten days to do financing at five thousand two hundred fifty dollars total cash allowance in the purchase of a twenty nineteen jeep renegade latitude jeep celebration event today financing for qualified buyers across the capital not all buyers will qualify residency restrictions apply to delivery from dealer stock by three eighteen twenty twenty jeep is a registered trademark in her shoes is a nonprofit that brings high school girls together with professional women through summits workshops and mentorships provide guidance and young girls grow and develop not only and and people founder Judith Martinez says the group helps young women push aside here to explore their true passions by asking the question what would it be like I and if I were taking the needy or things that I wanted were living there a passion about what would you like to be in Hershey she says the LA based charity has touched thousands of lives and it's Seattle branch that opened in the past year is already taking off that's why Bonneville Seattle is proud to partner with the Seattle Seahawks in honoring in her shoes as our charity of the month find out more at my northwest dot com the guidance and.

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