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Nine today is teacher appreciation day meant to honor the hardworking teachers in our lives if you've got a teacher you want shout out to on the texas three hundred four three will do at this hour most teachers are getting school in this hour or somebody who can be there already so get them in quick texan three one four three the teacher you want to shout out to try and get as many on the air as we possibly can but right now it is the battle of the sexes representing the man his name is david he lives in santa margarita santa margarita he works as a lawyer and he's on his way to see world with a sons what's up dave come on man representing the lady is her name is nikki he's from yorba linda works the stylist and enjoys hiking let's hear for nikki nikki hi guys so you said works nikki i'm going to ask a stereotypical male questions david gills gonna ask you stereotypical female questions best out of three wins we're still tied the end of regulation we get away not so tough tiebreaker question let us start with the ladies what to comedy actors starred together in the movies tommy boy and black sheep tommy boy black sheep paid david spade and oh gosh i i know his name he just hit he passed away he chris farley creek chris farley and david spade see i would think that you'd get chris farley and blank david spade david katy perry war angel wings on the red carpet event last night the pill board no the met gala del i feel that you do all your sweet person i have no idea laughing my son she says sorry and he laughs competitive this awesome all right david taylor isaac and zac our brothers in what trio.

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