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It's always quite interesting when a female wears a suit on the red carpet and that's really commented upon as this kind of bold statement. And then when a MAC address on a red carpet like Billy Porter from pose, it's it's incredibly Brave of him to wear a dress on the red carpet and not be considered his drag again. She says I'm a man and address and I love that. But yeah that students comment really really stayed with me because I'm you know, I want to be perceived to myself wherever I wear Thursday. So interesting that whether I put on a suit or a dress or whatever it might be people will see me differently, even if they know me quite well suddenly like oh you're different cuz you have this on a month. I am I different very passionate about your teaching work. Yes. And so I wonder what influence has home teaching had on your own writing not just what you've learned from your students, but the process of being in a state of discovering new voices. What impact has that had on your name, Lee I think it's made me incredibly flexible and Incredibly able to be, you know, trust my intuition and to think on the spot because you can come up with the bed lesson plan, but sometimes it just doesn't work and you've got to be able to think on your feet and come up with new ideas. And I think you know the more years I've been doing education work the mall tools I have in my toolkit, you know, so I've had incredible mentors as well as such as Jacobs and the rose and Peter Kahn and Charlie dark and you know and the like a Booker of course so I know you know, what makes a good Workshop. I know how to make people feel comfortable. I know how to get the best out of people but you can still have bad days and you can still have days where everything you've done before wage is always work for you just doesn't and you just have to think on your feet and come up with a new approach. And so that has not only gone into my writing practice. But just my whole life, you know, you know birth. Times you just get curve balls in life. And sometimes you know what you had rehearsed, you know the conversation you were going to have with your partner with your mother with your best friend the song instances, you know, where you interact with people and you think it's going to go a certain way and it just doesn't you can let that throw you or you can just roll with it and then come with a new approach or step back and or even ask them. Sometimes I asked my students. I'm like, okay, what what do you want to be doing right now? Because I don't feel like you're feeling this and you know, I I do that in my own personal relationships, you know, I say, okay this isn't working. You know, we've we've reached a a funny place right now. What do we need to do to make this better or different and then with myself I can be like writing I can be working on something and it can be like you're not enjoying this like what you need to do to make this feel right for you, and that might be taking some time off. Premier, you know going on a hike going on a cycle just watching something listen to music dancing around the living room whatever or it might be kind of figuring out. It's okay not to enjoy it today. It's a bit of a slug but you'll get through it and maybe you'll enjoy it tomorrow like and that's okay as well like but just kind of making noting how you're feeling, you know actually being aware and not just suffering without really recognising that you're suffering like, but if you choose to like make it hard for yourself because you thrive under that kind of pressure fine, but if you don't and your withering away then address it so those kind of things that's so wise. I think that's a real gem to me. It's much more with my photography off on my relationship to my photography is changing. And sometimes it's like well perhaps I don't need to be taken photos. But you know if I watch movies and I'll get suddenly taken away by the art Direction speaking of amazing art Direction. Have you seen a film called a portrait of a lady on fire? It's on my list. Oh my God. It's the most stunning film that you will ever see dead. So gorgeous. It's beautifully queer. Lots of unspoken queer desires and a very satisfying and but it's just beautiful all the way through. It's just the way I can start recommending it to people so I thought I'd do it right now because yeah, we me and my partner watched it and we were just stunned by how absolutely beautiful and like, you know where to game and watching these two women go through their, you know, feelings and desires for each other and we were turned on and it was quite strange kind of find a kind of a queer women's romantic song. Actually really appeal to us and to every sense going like it's just such a beautiful movie and there's so much in it. So I really recommend it and yeah, you never know where you'll find them inspiration like that movie is stayed with me and who knows how that's going to feed into my writing, you know, and I think for you, you know, when you see things you might not have been taking pictures for a while, but you see something that it might not immediately and feed into your next, you know time out with the camera, but it will change the way you see things. Definitely. I totally agree and you never know what's in your toolbox cuz everything's in the toolbox in terms of you where you are. Now, what stories for you do you feel you need? Just how how are you going to waive into sort of tension and resolution? I know it's hard because There's almost a jinx. If you say too much about your about the work you're working on. Yeah, I mean that's not hard to answer all relationships have tension. So if you're writing about people you're inherently wrong about tension, you know it maybe to a greater or lesser degree, but I think you know parent-child relationships sibling relationships romantic relationships friendships all have levels and degrees of attention in them. And you know, that's what I'm writing about right now..

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