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Like If if I'm in a bad mood, I don't necessarily want to show it at work. Well, that's that's a difference that Z. Uh, but that this is all part of being the modern man, though, that this stuff doesn't specify situations Now there's certain times like with my wife. I'm gonna I'm not gonna always feel the need to put on a brave face. What about you know what is who I am? This is how I'm feeling right now. It ain't getting my best. Yes, but But it is what it is. That's that's when you're with a significant other somebody personal close to you, but sometimes you gotta check your feelings of the door. And handle business and everyone deals with that number eight. You'd be fine being a stay at home, Dad. And so how much my wife is making. Because I know that I'm serious club because she's making enoughto support all of us than cool. I'm down with that. No, I'm totally with you if it's if it's better for the household that she'd be at work and you not have a job. Like if it's you, you run the numbers on that. And it makes more sense for you to stay home, then. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, There's no attacking my manhood because I'm doing that. It's like hell. I'm a made man. At that point. I'm a sugar baby weight. Is that, uh, sugar? Mama? Sugar Baby Mama Sugar back, Okay? Yes, It just sounds weird. Do you have? Sugar man? I'll be Mr Mom, Michael Keaton. I don't care. That's the problem with clothes that he'd actually just spent every day. Recreating that movie. Uh, numbers seven. You're openly affectionate. I'm not really you're not a p d a guy I know Well No, I can't be. I Ah, I don't like to be like I don't want to be like like the couple at the bar. That's uh, like like about to get it on in front of everybody. Yeah, hold somebody's hand there. Not that I hold somebody's hand when I'm walking. I'll make out in public. But, uh As far as like, openly affectionate. What does that mean? Like, What's the descriptor there? Because that to me can mean two things one. You're in a pita or to your openly like, Hey, man, I love you. Which we had that talk the other day when Thornton called me up and decided to him and the conversation with all right, love you man and I had to be like a You two look. Oh, yes, Dr Thorton, our show psychology because who's very hippy and has no problem telling you? Hey, I love you made exact which threw us all off because we're like, Oh, we're there. Yeah, exactly. That's what I feel like You're ahead of me in this relationship, and I may not be quite there yet. That sort of affectionate. I don't get that way. Unless I'm drunk. I'm a very affectionate drunk. I'll tell people I love you so much. The best my favorite. So Chlor your your your Your defection ago? Yeah, because like, but I'll say like love. Yeah, It's not you that's noncommittal. Not gonna fly so close doing that. Maybe two to like a like a friend Like a masculine, You know, love you kind of deal. I love you, man. Love. Yeah, as opposed to, like, like if you're talking to your girlfriend could be like love you Yeah. Close. Why is it that when you do it two guys, though you're always rubbing your right nipple. Okay. Love you. It itches. Number six. You're great with kids. Um I guess it depends because, like Clo Clo can be good with kids. But you know what he hates babies? E don't like babies. Clones glow does not wanna hold your baby 33 years old. Plus, I'm good. Somebody did that to me at a at a brunch One time like I wanted for somebody's birthday brunch, and I was like a good 20 people. They're here. Hold this Exactly exactly. E got a bloody Mary and a giraffe on my way You hold this. Some lady handed me her baby, and I'm like, okay, I got some responsible for this baby. Was she part of the group or she just like at the next table? I'm not sure. Dude, I think she was. She was at the next table. But I think she was part of the group. Okay in the future. If you ever tell the story again, you just say no. We didn't know who she was. I didn't know She was some stranger. Just stay here. Hold this, baby. No, I had no clue who she was Not even sure if it was her baby. It might have been a baby from across the room that someone told her to hold and she had to go to the bathroom. So she handed it off to me. All I know is I finished my eggs Benedict. And somebody hands me a baby, And I'm thinking to myself, Okay? You've got to now be responsible. You are now responsible for this child. You know, it's like, What's that one movie with Clive Owen, Shoot him up. Yes. Yeah, I'm talking about where he's taking care of the baby. The entire used to hit man. Exactly. He's a hit man taking care of the baby. The entire movie. It was kind of like that's like, okay, well, I can't just leave this baby somewhere. Now I've now it's me and this baby roaming the apocalypse or something like that. All right, then. Number five. You're a good listener. What Alfred May not be the best of them. Number four. You're OK. Discussing your mental health? Yes. All right. No problem with that. As far as listening goes, I've been told that I'm a good listener. But sometimes that takes so much frigging concentration that listen, It takes a lot of effort. Yes. Sometimes I don't have the The Ah mental energy for it, and I'll just do the whole Uh huh. Yeah, well, you have to remember. Yeah. Later stuff. The secret is his just remembering a couple of the keywords. Secret key words. Yeah. Yeah, You're right. So if it comes back up, you'd be like, Hey, say those keywords. Actually, I agree with you. Secret key words and you get credit. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yep. No, I hear you. Yeah. Best friend. Yeah, I followed Bill. Yes, Bootsie. I got one thing that one thing I'm learning with that, in terms of listening is there's always that part of my brain that always wants to solve the problem, and I'm learning. Just shut the F up. That's hard man, because that's that's male biology. Is your girls talking about all sorts of stuff? And you're thinking the entire time within 30 seconds. You know, you know what the solution is exactly what you got to shut up. We got to fix this. I know how to fix this. And you want to tell her And, you know it's better not to. But you do anyway, and nothing comes of it. And so you listen to the same stories again later on, And you just like, Okay, well, I'm gonna keep listening, I guess..

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