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Containment at 0%. There are reports of multiple structures burned more than 900. Firefighters are battling those blazes. You're listening to ABC news. Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Dolan. Fire is now over 60% contained the fire continues to burn south of Big Sur, new hand crews arrived to the scene to help firefighters with containment efforts. The blazes burned over 128,000 acres of land and the estimated full containment data's October 13th. North complex has burned over 305 acres of land across Plumas Ambu counties. The complex is nearing 80% containment. As crews continue to battle the fires. The complex has been divided into three zones, the north the South and the West. According to Cal fire. The West Zone of the complex is over 80% contained The MBA finals has been set and the Los Angeles Lakers have their opponent. The Miami Heat eliminated the Boston Celtics in Game six of the Eastern Conference finals last night. The Lakers will now face the Heat in Game one of the MBA finals on Wednesday. I'm Jordan Christmas. Sacramento Traffic checking KFBK Traffic. Courtland Highway 1 60. The painter's Vale Bridge is shut down until October. 1st make sure to use Walnut Grove Bridge or Steamboat. Slow Bridge as an alternate, Then Colusa I five, both North and south found the Maxwell rest areas are shut down. This is for sewer work in both directions, and it is until December 31st. So the end of the year Woodland South bound five at the Vietnam Veterans Rest area. You have another long term closure. You can't exit here because of landscape work, and it is not set to re open until December. 1st Alden Jacob News 93.1. Kfbk.

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