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More than two million people came out to line the mardi gras parade routes and celebrate fat Tuesday across greater New Orleans. We grew up as kids coming out here. We're letting our kids grow coming out here. Eight during be Mary watch forty of us out here. So we come here for years. These families have been going to the same parades the same spot for generation some families for centuries have their place where they watch the fat Tuesday parade gave going for CBS news, New Orleans. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg says, he will not be running for president in thousand twenty the CBS news correspondent, Alison keys tells us that he explains why in a long op-ed Bloomberg rights that he's never made any secret of his belief that Donald Trump is a threat to our country. And while Bloomberg thinks he would beat the president in a general election. He thinks rather than risking losing the democratic nomination in such a crowded field. It would be better to finish the work. He's already doing. He says he's launching a new campaign called beyond carbon to start moving the nation toward a one hundred percent clean energy economy, explosive packages are mailed to Heathrow airport London City airport in Waterloo station, a major train hub in London BBC. Correspondent Robert Hall is on scene at the tube station alert came in it, but an office block near Heathrow the package in that case identical to the other two was in a white plastic envelope. Crudely addressed to that office block and inside 'specially say was a viable device capable of starting a small within the package, and.

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