Charles Barkley, Indiana, Andrei discussed on Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis


There's a big difference between saying somebody is a member of the kkk and i disagree with them right that's an opinion that is outside the mainstream and having somebody say charles barkley isn't allowed to have his opinion you understand that difference ray mauger there's not a different st charles barkley okay there's a black guy st charles barkley sit down and shut up and me saying sit down and shut up to the kkk why why but bankrupt hey author look now among the microphones you have to clean up all map arkhan you're co you are comparing charles barkley saying his opinion you understand at difference right like charles barkley is very much in the mainstream of opinions right like his opinion is something that a normal person of any race might have about any subject the opinion that white people or black people or asian people or hispanic people are superior based on their race is not a mainstream opinion you don't see the difference there no i won't get okay than are not very small i'm sorry it's probably been tougher eu in life does he still there those gone is he really saying that he doesn't understand the difference between a kkk members opinion and charles barkley's opinion no i think well what i think he was trying to intimate was that don't use big gorge like intimate andrei and indiana's going to have no idea what you're sorry about that that the kkk i would watch for example just some random white god it's on fox news.

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