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So Mike, let me just pull away from the declaration here for just a second and talk to you a little bit about Bernie Sanders. And and you must know Joe Biden real well as well not nearly as well, as I know my colleagues in the Senate did Joe Biden, and I'd never served in the Senate at the same time beyond the fact that he was vice president and therefore president of the Senate I was for sworn in. But when never serve as senators at the center, okay, they're both. That's number one and number two running against Donald Trump. Do you have any thoughts on those guys that you look as as between the two I see a Bernie is having a much more contact with familiarity with the democratic presidential election voting base? Ben Ben does bite. I think Sanders has a leg up on it. And if those were the two front runners, I suspect that it would end up being Sanders as their nominee. Wow. So I talked to. I talked to a former Senator recently, and I don't want to give his name, but somebody that both sides of the aisle, really, really deeply respect. And he said, I said what's happening with the Democrats. And he said there frayed he said, the the any anybody who has anything different to say than these revolutionaries. He said, they're not saying it at least out loud because they're afraid because these guys are wielding so much power. They're carry a very big stick. Who'd you agree with that? Yeah. I think that's right. I think Eddie logically taken to its logical conclusion. This is where the Democratic Party goes it shouldn't be altogether surprising to us when you say a want bigger government when I say when you say I want government to take on a greater role. This is naturally where it leads. That's why it's so dangerous. I'm interested in my hear your thoughts because you working with. I think six presidential candidates. I think out of the Senate right now. We we know about Sanders, but let's get a paragraph from you. Maybe we can go through all of them, and you know, a little bit about what would we expect from someone in where I don't know. How do you look at how do you look at these as someone who has really inside knowledge. We're going to be doing Glenn Beck's two thousand nineteen NFL draft here just a little bit. And I do you have more knowledge that he does on that topic. So so let let's let's high-standard isn't you can we can we start with Cory Booker. Because here's what he seems like to the average person a total and complete fraud. I am starting to confirm that. But he. I'm saying that's how that's how I look at him is just somebody will say or do anything because he wants the job. But I I really like the guy. I don't agree with them on a lot of issues have worked with them on things like criminal Justice reform first time, I met Cory Booker was the day. He was sworn into the Senate believe as October thirty first two thousand twelve and he came up and introduce themselves and said my name's Cory Booker. And I want to work with you on criminal Justice reform. We he and I serve on the judiciary committee together we frequently text each other during hearings, including an especially really contentious hearings. If live action commentary on each other's questions. Good sense of humor. That's really cool. This is exactly what we're looking for out of Mike Lee. We got real announces Kamla Harris Kamala Harris is one of our newer members. I don't know her as well as I know Corey. She has a lot of experience in politics came to this job after having served in high positions of authority in California state government, and she's someone who's very outspoken and seems to have a good grasp of popular culture, and is gaining momentum. Because of that all right Amy klobuchar Amy closure, and I work on the anti trust subcommittee together. We've alternated as chair and ranking member of the antitrust subcommittee for years, depending on who's in the majority we frequently will have conversations about when and whether or not under what circumstances to have antitrust hearings. Sometimes we'll do the entire thing by emoji texts back and forth. One time we decided to hold a telecom antitrust related hearing entirely through emojis. Remarkable insight to the function of our government or so. So. Okay. Let's go Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren is a law. Professor is someone who knows the law really will is very serious and very much a champion of sort of the populist wing of the Democratic Party of these days. They seem to be trying to out populist each other. Yeah. Out left each other to find these other wings. I just keep finding this one wing when I look at it so wing that keeps moving further in the same, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's tighter. And tighter circle that that that bird is flying in and kiss him. Gillibrand. Here's some gillibrand is very friendly. Always smiling always has something positive to say, and as an upbeat nature about her that I think will serve her. Well, as a candidate see, this is why this is why everybody gets along with Mike is because you know, he never he doesn't say bad things about people will look if we want to talk about policy, I can identify things about every one of them where I strongly disagree with them. And why they would not be much Royce and. Be the next president of the United States one that you disagree with the most do you think which one which individual agree with disagree with disagree with most? Let's see. Much as I love the guy. Probably disagree. Most fundamentally with Bernie Sanders that he is identified.

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