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Our top story this hour President Trump's pick to become the newest supreme court Justice will. Make his case before the Senate Judiciary committee beginning Tuesday Senator dick Durbin is on the Senate Judiciary committee he says. The public should be concerned about the more than one hundred thousand pages, of Kavanagh's records that the. White House is withholding from lawmakers the assertion of executive. Privilege by the White House to take a hundred thousand documents and say the American people will not get a chance to see them as they reflect on Kavanagh's background is the first, time in history this denial of access to documents violates a rule that we thought was the tradition of the Senate under Senator sessions we'll have much more on this story coming up at four. Thirty one a new. Season of college, football comes with a, new rule at an Illinois college a clear bag policy is now being enforced at both concerts and sporting events at the University of Illinois state, farm center and, memorial stadium at university officials tell the daily ally that event. Staff and security personnel will strongly enforce the policy at. All entrances, and the change keeps the school up to date. With trends within the event and arena industry along with the entire big ten conference Andy Dane NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM Chicago police had to restore order before a funeral mass yesterday little village for six of the ten, children who died in last weekend's sleepover fire Bishop Alberto Rojo's preached a message of peace harmony and compassion with the mood beforehand. Was ugly twenty minutes before the mass began a pipe broke out inside of Our Lady of Tupac church it spilled. Onto cirmac road in a crowd chased them half a block down Whipple, street before police could intervene. And restore order mourners exchange gang signs TV cameramen was. Harassed and other Petach refers across the street from the church were told by a man In a gang hat to. Stop shooting photos and video Bob Roberts NewsRadio one point nine out that south shore man is doing Boncore charged with attempted murder for firing at police after fleeing a traffic stop it Tribune says twenty year old Charles. Clark was initially stopped by Chicago police Friday afternoon for turning south onto Kingston avenue from Seventy-six treat without using a turn signal after failing. To produce a valid driver's license. Clark drove, off and then allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband and fired at police who returned fire no one way shot Clark was arrested on his block in the seventy six hundred block of south Kingston a.

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