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On here It is the Friday Morning news Fried day. Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of 9 11. And as we mentioned, the Bidens will be in They'll be in New York. They'll be in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. They'll be in Pentagon to mark that at the Pentagon. I should say to mark the 20th anniversary Still, the emails about people asking the Bidens to stay away. Yeah. Yeah, not for that. No, I'm not either. I just, You know, there's just point that well, there's a lot of hate out there. Another is, It's just a lot of hate. Um, I thought it was interesting that as we mark this 20th anniversary Did you happen to notice what just occurred the other day, and that was The discovery and of the remains of two more victims identified through DNA testing 20 years later. I was quite amazed by this and and my first thought was Hal. And what happened? Why? Why? 20 years now, remember, now they're sifting through rubble still sifting. Through rubble. This is person number 16 46 and 16 47 to be identified. Dorothy Morgan of Hempstead, New York. And then a man whose name is being withheld at his family's request. They were identified through DNA analysis of previously unidentified remains recovered from the World Trade Center site. Wait, wait, wait, wait right there. You said 1600 have been identified. Yes. Are you telling me that another 1000 or more have not been identified. 1100 victims are yet to be identified. I had no idea. 1100. But you know what? I'm going to give New York and the chief medical examiner, Dr Barbara Sampson, said this this week when making this announcement, she said 20 years ago. We made a promise to the families of the World Trade Center victims to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to identify their loved ones, and we continue to fulfill that sacred. Obligation. And 1000 ago. Yeah, and so they've got new technology. This next generation sequencing technology. They call it which is more sensitive and it's aided identification zones and they and they say it's going to result in more And it may speed up that house so we mark we may start to see more and more of them. So, but the latest Dorothy Morgan was an insurance broker who worked in the North tower. And her daughter said. This has been an emotional roller coaster as you might imagine. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. You imagine having to sift through all that rubble that had to be taken from ground zero to another location getting all mixed together. The tonnage. Oh, yeah. And having to go through that to try to find Yeah. Find former lives One little piece of DNA. Yeah, my goodness. Yeah, I had no idea what a daughter, her daughter said, and I can see this house because she had no closure. You know you had no clothes, she said. So for years, I would tell myself maybe she had amnesia was released from the hospital. And she said, I had this whole story made up in my head that she was out there living life and happy. Um, but this brings closure to that. Wow. Well, that's that's truly amazing. Fact. They still have 1000 ago. Yeah, 1100. My goodness, And that's why tomorrow. That's why tomorrow. Uh, 20 years later. We remember still. Yo, Yes. Traffic right now. Here's Monica. Monica. Hi Hispanic. Sylvan Looks like that one's still there in the two right lanes still heavy beyond Westmoreland. Now I 20 East fence for four away. Just got one off to the shoulder there but sluggish back beyond Mountain Creek Parkway. Do have one North County super 20 Trinity Boulevard. That one is only the left lane getting through in the backups on that one are solid all the way back to high 30. W B. A P first traffic on the ones I'm Monte Cook. This report is brought to you by the North Texas dealer Association. Do you have insurance? And do you know your rights in Texas? You have a consumer bill of rights, giving you the right to choose the company that repairs your car and the parts used to get you safely back on the road. Learn more about your rights to prepare dot com. From the W B A P Weather center. We're going to be sunny and hot through the weekend. Certainly warmer than normal. 94 today 70 tonight 95 Tomorrow and 94 on Sunday. Monday, a little more humid,.

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