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The Weather Channel's Mark Thibodeaux on NewsRadio six tend to be Y O D. Governor Rhonda Satya says With pending shipments of the five year and modern a covert vaccines, Florida could receive more than a million doses. The governor stopping in South Florida, saying he's opposed to business shutdowns. Some may want to shut you down. We wanna pull. Yeah, we've got your back if you're somebody who's a waitress or a cook. Your family owned business. You're important part of our state. The number of people hospitalized in the state with primary diagnosis of covert 19 topped 5000 Tuesday as case numbers and deaths continued to climb. As of early Tuesday evening, 5103 people were hospitalized with primary diagnosis of covert 19. That's up from 4931 during a Monday count. Miami Dade County had the largest number of people hospitalized Tuesday with 932. Miami Dade correction sergeant facing drug trafficking charges for a plot to smuggle cocaine into a local prison, Miami Dade police say Travis Thompson contacted an undercover officer before agreeing to accept a cash payment of $3000 and an amount of cocaine he planned on bringing the drug into the Dade Correctional Institution where he worked far fewer Florida and say they plan to travel over the holiday period between Christmas and New Year due to covet concerns. Triple A's Mark Jenkins Yeah, I mean, we're expecting a drop of about 28%. From last year, so that's definitely a decline about 1.7 million fewer Florida travelers this year Lego Land maybe adding on the Winter Haven City commission confirmed the news Channel eight. The theme park is similar to plan for expansion. Details are limited, but the plans includes six new rides and any 11,000 square foot building. With Florida's news. I'm John Conrad. Finally, radio you can actually see you're looking pretty good. Here. Just follow our instagram going down the road. We're looking real good and w y o d dot com. Covers that shuttle landscape solutions is.

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