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Bree Show. What's on your Mind, Frank? Yes, sir. Thank you for taking my call. But I got to tell you, but, you know I won't be watching the World Series. Hopefully, I'm going to be watching my L. A Dodgers, who've been to two out of three last World series. In the World Series. But Atlanta will be very tough, but I will let everybody know everyone's talking about the Braves of the show Up. Start the Dodgers air really young, too. In fact, just as young as the Braves are But baseball got a lot of problems. I do agree with you, but they're easily fixed. And as a parting shot, Jr. I will say this if we have a Dodger used in Astral World Series, which we might that is going to get killer TV ratings because people want to see if the Astros could really beat the Dodgers in fair and square. Oh, no people don't want to see if the Astros will beat the Dodgers fair and square. People will want to see the Dodgers beat the living hell out of the Astros. You've got to get that part right? That's different, But but but we're quickly if you can tell me briefly because we have We have callers behind you. What the hell is this Quick fix for Major league baseball you have. If it was so quick and easy, they would have done it by now. Well, you know what I think you hit on it Want. Let's throw the analytic stuff out and let's start having manager Start with that. Let's have them managed on instinct and their gut reaction instead of all the analytics. Get rid of the shift, please. The eights in the National League, and then let's put a timer on the pitcher and speed the game up in baseball will be just fine. Okay. Well, thank you. Well, I like Frank. Frank got right to it. Appreciate your frank for calling up from Nevada. That's don't disagree. I don't think we can quote unquote walk back technology. I don't think we're walking back statistics. This is the name of the game. This is where the game is that right now, I don't see that changing. Paris is calling up from Toronto. Aris You want CBS Sports Radio's, too J r sport brief show. Hey, Jerry, don't tonight I'm good going ahead Good and pronounced a reef like a reefer. Excuse me. We don't talk about those things here. Go ahead, Aris. Oh, I'm sorry. We're in Canada. I'm sorry. Okay? I just want to touch on two points he made before the commercial break. On down the observations you made is about and I will be not being able to attract the younger crowd. And then the opposite of that is that the older crowd is being alienated. I just want to say that you really hit the nail on the head with that one. And in the second point was, presumably you're talking about Ah, analytics. And so my question to you is and maybe give me a little education on this is if I'm correct me if I'm wrong, but It was kind of an Oakland athletics that started this analytics and the years ago, so my question is has that paid off? How long has analytic been around? And is this experiment all but done Or should it be over and that together your opinion on Well, thank you ours for Excuse me. I can't pronounce your name. What's your name? Aretha Aretha. Arif Hillary. Thank you for calling up from from Toronto. This is not this. No problem. This is not an experiment. This is the analytics, and the numbers are here to stay. You're right. Billy Beane. This is something that he started with the Oakland A's. But I'd venture to say what's happened has gone further than just saying OK, well, let's emphasize. On base percentage, because it's it's gone past that you can look at lineups and Major league baseball right now, and convention has completely gone out the window. We got power hitters, and we got guys who just launch homeruns guys who you would traditionally see batting 3rd and 4th. Folks, a batting to an analytics departments have grown investments from teams and analytics departments have grown. This is an investment that's not going anywhere and has not gone backwards. Baseball is moving forward with this movement. Ain't no stepping back. Robert is calling up from Chicago. Robert, You want CBS Sports radio? Hey, there, J are big fans. Reshapes your Robert. What's on your mind, So I just want to say a couple of things. I will be watching the championship series, but I'm going to be watching with great interest Dodgers braves and cheering for the brave because they're young and up and coming in a lot of fun. You are like them. I'm going to struggle to watch Astros raised because I don't really care about the raise. But I also don't want the Astros TTO win. So that's gonna be tough to watch. But I wanted to say something really quickly about your point with, like all of the data analytics, and all of that. And I think it's a really, really good point because we're in this place as baseball fans, and I think we're really a dying breed like true baseball fans. Um You know, of wanting drama, but also wanting to win and I mean, I experienced this very personally when my cubbies were going to the World Series in 2016, and there's some of that Joe Maddon was doing that great and other stuff. It's just like You know, Get your head out of the stat sheet Joe and manage with your gut a little bit, and it's It's just not really happening in baseball right now. And I think like Very unfortunately, baseball become much less marketable. As time has gone by because of the pace of the game and the wound. It builds tension, and I don't think the analytic stuff is doing any favors. In fact, I think it's only going to get worse and it's tough. For me is a fan because I want to see analytics being put to good use to help my team win. But at the same time I look at all my buddies who pretty much just watch football and basketball and think. Man. I wish I could get one of these guys interested in actually watching baseball with me. But unless they're pounding back a few beers, they're really not. It's It's tough, Robert. I understand it's tough to even get folks out. It's in the ballpark. I appreciate you for calling up from Chicago. Baseball isn't a It's A. It's a tricky spot because what he just said is spot on. It's a look..

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