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And desist letter to Google demanding it stopped the company's ways app from notifying drivers of the location of police officers WCBS reporter, Mike smelt spoke with Michael Wallace. Steve Scott on the afternoon roundup. Police notification feature on ways has been around for years. Why does he NYPD seemed to be so concerned about it? Now, that's really unclear at this point. It could have something to do with the city. Doubling the number of speed camera locations and this season desist about DWI checkpoints is a preemptive strike in some way ways in Google have faced criticism for years from law enforcement for this police alert feature but it is still operating on the app. I mean, Senator Chuck Schumer raise concerns about this eight years ago, and nothing has changed the is threatening legal action. If Google doesn't give a now. So we'll see if this develops into a larger issue in the courts, Mike interesting story. Thanks, WCBS reporter likes melts just in time for Valentine's Day Samsung has an app that matches you with sub and based on what's in your refrigerator. See that executive editor sure has a little more. This is a really unusual app. What it is is. It's a website. It called refrige- dating. Yes. You can sign up for free. You can use any phone you want. It's created by Samsung. And the idea is kind of I don't know if it's a joke or not to help people decide to match based on what's in their fridge. So I guess if you really want someone who's a healthy eater. Or you know, you wanna stay away from someone with an open can of cat food in their fridge. Then there you go the app allows you to take a photo of the inside of your fridge, which you can share on the dating app and look for potential matches this could fetch a pretty penny. The black dress that a distraught. Marilyn Monroe war to a nineteen fifty four news conference announcing her separation for baseball legend Joe DiMaggio is going up for auction. Crews GW US auction says the simple wool dress with a zipper turtleneck front will be up forbidding starting March thirtieth. It's expected to bring in up to one hundred fifty grand Monroe was wearing it in Beverly Hills and October of nineteen fifty four when she faced. Mob of cameras and reporters to announce the split and the marriage that United sports and movies and triggered a press frenzy. Monroe barely spoke at that news conference looking like, she was on the verge of tears and nodding to answer one question while letting her Representative speak enroll into Maggio married in January of fifty four and their divorce became final the following year. Celebrating birthday. Big chicken. Brooklyn's own Chris rock has fifty four actor Ashton Kutcher is forty one country. Great Garth Brooks is fifty seven actor James spader is fifty nine and he was always the leader and among their children the late John McCain's mother Roberta McCain his one hundred seven thirty four million Americans smoke.

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