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Be here. Okay. So for those do not no wonder media network. Is We used to call them podcasting companies, but now audio I media company. And it's dedicated to to elevating the voices, not just women but underrepresented groups fair. That is fair. Yeah. Stated are stated mission is to amplify underrepresented voices. So hopefully, we do that with our audio I media. So let's Talk I want to get into what auto audio I media means. But let's start with you know what was the gap in the market you your co founder? Jenny Jenny. Kaplan she came from from from Bloomberg right and and you're from the sort of brand strategy side. So explain how you got together and what was what was the genesis of this as far as what was the gap that you saw in the market? Absolutely. So Jenny and I are good friends from college. After school she joined Bloomberg News reporter and she was there for a couple of years total rising star in the newsroom. I had like a weird circuitous path worked at lots of different media entities another myself. And Jenny hosted a podcast at Bloomberg. When I was working for myself. I was consuming a lot of content. And fell in love with podcasts. And Janis mom in two thousand eighteen decided to run for Congress North Carolina along with many other women who ran an unprecedented numbers. And Jenny felt like the story was being told really poorly that it could be told really well over podcast that Bloomberg might not be the right place to tell that story and when she looked around and she saw all the other. Women centered I'm using air quotes for people that are listening. Women Center. On the PODCASTS I mean it's Meta already right podcast podcast. So Air Media. She sort of felt like you know there's obviously the tradition of women's lifestyle brands that are focused on fashion and beauty, and then there's political organizations that top political stories That are all mostly helmed by men and the story of women running for office is often the fact that their record number of women renting and look at this pink wave and not what is the source of the gender disparity or the gender inequities. And so she felt like there was a gap in podcasting that had started to be filled in traditional digital media but wasn't yet filled in podcasting to create smart content focused on women and other underrepresented voices but was not tied to fashion beauty and lifestyle. Yeah one of the things that we had nick KWA FROM POT ON A. Month, ago. But. One of the things that we were talking about was podcasting has a little bit of a white male. Tint to it like if you go down the most popular podcasts. Yes. There's hype. and. It's usually middle age. Wait wait guys middle-age. Wick I. Liga. Some but. They're clearly suffers from a lack of diversity of voices and first of all, why do you think that is I mean Nick had some interesting theories but why do you think that that podcasting is? Pale male and stale the Brits. Side..

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