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Remember that because i also brought up the fact of look at what's been going on with Look at what's been going on. Particularly with kevin owens and when he stunned the shit out of sandy zane also said to you guys. Could sammy zane. Maybe pop up in here. Try to extract a little. Bit of revenge for an embarrassed on friday night. Smackdown and i told you guys this particular match screens. Interference guaranteed we got that from gender mulhall in His boys there. I forgot his boys names. But i i call them the enhance bollywood boys all they did a nice good as number on drew mcintyre. Take him. I gotta tell you though when i saw that spot. I'm going okay. Yeah we're pretty much gonna carry him out like we're carrying out drew on a crucifix yet. Doubt you're going to be coming back but it was part of me in the back of my head going. You know lee. He could come back a very well win. This long i i felt. I felt pretty confident that there was just no way he was going to get involved in that ricochet. I gotta give ricochet mad props. He was doing some crazy spots were he was sacrificing his body. Big time he was going through ladders like a mo fo talk about crash and burn He's my mvp as far as the spot monkey of the night here 'cause he was going through some shit he was going through shit like he was almost crashed. Has dummy straight up straight up. He was going through this like he was a crash. Test dummy f- for me. It was his was free larry's For me though. I love the one spot where he almost was able to do it in one fluid motion. I love how he pretty much walk the cat you know. He's on a top rope there. He's walking the cat at dan. He immediately just me almost like one. Nice fluid motion jumps over to the ladder..

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