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During the Vietnam War as well. Pretty Wild in you know some conflicts between Vietnam and nine eleven in this period. Baru Baru Grenada. Desert Storm Corman. That died in the bombing marine barracks in Beirut Lebanon. That were stationed with them. They're in Grenada. Cormon carried stretchers and treated patients evacuated to the Guam the US Guam was an amphibious assault ship. That was just off the coast. They are and Corman of course on the ship during treatment and doing Stretcher Barren Desert Storm certainly tons of Cormon There were between the corner on the US and His mercy and the conference to the mercy is the sister ship of the comfort ones in the east coast the comfort mercy's on the West Coast Five thousand eight hundred eighty Korman serve with marine stores and Desert Storm. Good buddy miles and rendered desert storm so route to you as he likes to tell me yes. The Marines are part of the Department of the Navy. They the men's department. But I'll give you that one mike. So yeah huge huge partnership they are during the storm Corn treating the Marines there. And then you know the hospital ships as well for any folks that were injured and evacuated to they are and then on to more prolonged care so we get to a period for. Corman at nine eleven. I had gotten out. I got out January two thousand so just the following year. Nine eleven happens to be four days before my anniversary. So as you can imagine four days before you're going to get married and nine eleven happens which nine eleven is horrible in its right. The impact. I'll give a shout out to my family and friends that got on the road a drove through our wedding. Thank you all for that as you can imagine at the Pentagon in particular where there are Cormon station They I responded to the.

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