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7000 accepting Medicare, Medicaid, Va. And most major insurance is six. Traffic and weather on the eights and Bobby and learned the W T o p traffic center. Well interlude belt. My delay start right at Georgetown Pike getting to the crash before the 2 70 spur, which is along the left side of the roadway. And things are opening up a little bit there, but still at least Elaine or two blocked on the left side on the inter loop before the 2 70 spurt out of Luke's still has some delays around from after old Georgetown Road due to rubbernecking getting past the interlude crash, But Baltimore Washington Parkway has a little bit of volume yet travelling both North and South bound between Riverdale and Fort Meade. And New Hampshire Avenue has been unusually slow south, bound from after 29 down toward Adelphi Road has been that way for quite some time, putting pressure on the outer loop of the Beltway and on 95 south, coming around toward New Hampshire Avenue 50 out of the Bay Bridge without DeLay and Virginia 95 north bound after Exceed 1 43 Garrison Bill. What's left for the crash is now on the left shoulder, but it is still quite slow there. And south on you do slow still from lording over the AKA Cuando 1 23 And then just a bit of your head down past the North bound crash and also through Stafford headed toward Fredericksburg. But nothing stopped on the roadway. 66 West does slow a bit getting out past Fair lakes towards Centerville, but again on lanes are open through that semi permanent work area there. Aerojet Rocketdyne is advancing defense propulsion to meet the extended range speed and lethality needs of tomorrow. Learn how Aerojet Rocketdyne is moving too fast. Faster and farther, first at rocket dot com Bob England GOP traffic Mike Sten afeard tell us what's happening. Well, we've got a cold front coming our way. So I think tomorrow is going to be fairly nice, but a lot more cloud cover than we're used to. But look for highs only in the fifties by Sunday.

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