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Cincinnati, Phillies, Mayor Kenney discussed on 24 Hour News


The editor's desk in the news, at this hour giving ice the swim as. Mayor Kenney announces the city will let expire a deal with immigration and customs enforcement to. Share data on criminal arrests given fears that is uses, that information to question those who may be, here illegally but, are. Not wanted for any other crimes now for KYW sports, sports sponsored by, septa, learns why effective August first set the key if your. Best option when travelling in transferring on transit and I have to Philly dot com slash here's Matt. Marta cheap the Phillies unable to solve the reds bullpen in Cincinnati going down. Six two four to put an end to, their three game win streak fills did take a two to one lead into the bottom, of the third before Cincinnati scooter Janette tied the game with an RBI single office started Nick Vada and inning Later. Mason Williams took Pavetti for a ride or what was the three run Homer to make it five to. Two recess gets cut the deficit to two runs at the top of the fifth and, RBI single that signaled the end of. The night. For Cincinnati starter Anthony Fani fills overall managing just one run against the reds bullpen a Cesar Hernandez RBI single as part of a ninth inning rally that fell short Phillies end up with a two and a half game lead on the, Braves in the NFL east Atlanta lost the dodgers. Four to one fills and reds, game three their series is six forty first. Pitch in Cincinnati four days to the trade deadline Phillies did make a move picking up. As drubel Cabrera from the Mets in exchange for double, a pitcher Franklin killer may Cabrera eighteen home, runs fifty eight, bad. At did it to seventy seven with the three twenty, nine on base, percentage, in New York this season he's expected to join the. Phillies in Cincinnati day two of eagles workouts at the novacare complex more on the birds KYW's at. Bank in addition to the strong play on the field by the eagles secondary Safety Rodney McLeod says the communication between the safeties quarterbacks is one of the keys to success huge you. Know, I think that's one thing that separated us from a lot. Of teams last year is I came assure you and communication everyone's saying the game the same everyone was in sync while the competition continues hit up for playing time at quarterback McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins are firmly entrenched once again is.

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