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Good afternoon, we are very happy that you're with us on this Wednesday, December the 21st, the winter solstice 45°. And it'll eventually be getting cold. I'm Hillary Howard. And I'm Sean Anderson, our top local story this hour is the cold and if you think it's cold now. Yes, just wait. The blast of Arctic air is heading toward our region, and it's coming just in time for the Christmas weekend. Storm team four is Emilia Draper on what you can expect starting with a flood warning tomorrow morning that will be in effect all day. We'll be tracking rain and a wintry mix in spots early tomorrow morning and then rain throughout the day, but the biggest focus will be on a sharp temperature drop Friday from 40s, early into the teens and 20s by the late afternoon and evening hours, with strong winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour, a flash freeze Friday during the late morning and midday hours would be worst case scenario something we are monitoring, but believe it is pretty unlikely, thankfully, across the region, and then Saturday and Sunday we'll have windchills in the single digits and teens, even some subzero windchills Friday night in two Saturday. Now, winter weather advisory takes effect at 4 a.m. tomorrow for Frederick county, Maryland, and for western loudoun and fakir counties in Virginia, you'll want to stay with your weather alert station double DOP throughout the holiday weekend for the latest conditions every ten minutes on the 8th. With that approaching icy cold it is time to talk about preventing the winter plague of burst pipes. Here's WTO's Valerie bunk. If the pipes in your home freeze and get backed up when it's cold, you could have a major issue on your hands. Sometimes it can be a very large leak, a half inch copper pipe, for example, can discharge ten or 12 gallons a minute. Art Shapiro acting director of the Howard county department

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