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This just a few minutes ago in the three o'clock hour made national news on CNN CNN few minutes ago. They just posted this Jimmy Lowry was paranoid and pleaded with police for help. He died two days later, and it goes through the story, and it's even talking about how police were keeping their distance in the lobby asking him to calm down. It's this whole question by the time. The ambulance arrived at the hospital minutes later, he was unresponsive questions about what happened inside the ambulance have sparked protests in the city and now the focus of a prosecutor's investigation and the crowd, by the way, they had to use Mace. The crowd. I mean on. Yeah. I think I forgot to add that that it was getting out of hand. It was not a peaceful protests. So yeah, there you go national news, and there's absolutely zero evidence that they actually did anything. And I would be very surprised if it does not come back with the toxicology that that is why he fell unresponsive because of whatever he had ingested. And that's probably what killed him Tara in Middletown. You're on New Jersey one on one point five. Hi, how are you guys? Ok. Well, I'm actually opposition assistant. I actually worked in population drug they call psychosis. So ecstasy are made up of multiple chemicals. Then you don't know what you're getting including PCP there's that synthetic and they muscle breakdown that can cause kidney failure can close cardiac arrhythmia seizures. There you go. Yep. I mean, you can if you take enough you can overdose and die from from ecstasy or Molly as little call. Yeah. Because you don't know what you're getting in these towns. Things are very very very dangerous. So it's the head is that something happened medically from what are you talk? You know, I know the police like you said all your experience. Would it make any sense for you know, the police have done something? So I agree with you guys. Yeah. I. Fr from the manner that you see that the police are displaying in the lobby. Why would that change all of a sudden they know whatever comes out of the guy's mouth not to take personally because he's delusional. They know this they know this going in. Why would they suddenly just get in the ambulance? And then just start beating him for no reason, the critics would say because they weren't on camera height seeing they were in the lobby then you just think police officers are just out to be and kill black men that that that that's what you have to think, and I refuse to believe this Bob on the turnpike. You're on New Jersey one to one point five. Hey, guys. How're you doing? Okay. So I think, you know, this is getting overblown before the facts read, you're probably gonna find out that like the last caller said medical condition out there that if you do Google is called excited delirium, and it's usually associated with somebody with a long-term drug history or Mel, no mental illness. And what happens is if they get into. Of the psychosis. Paranoia, extreme sweating extreme strength, sometimes and just the active restraining them can cause them to be a severe risk of cardiac arrest. So much. So that some location starts sending the paramedics with law enforcement when they had that situation because they know just restraining him is a real potential that he's going to go into cardiac arrest. Wow. Well, again, we'll see what the reports come out with a bomb. Thanks for calling New Jersey. One zero one point five.

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