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Think. That's what happened. They they had their eyes on someone else. Let's maybe green may have been will smith who knows but <hes> <hes> then obviously they need to go get one more guy because the real whole in this roster Mr has been the bullpen this year for at will forever since in this competitive window that they've had they continue to have bullpens that just underperformed and I turned it on the live stream that we did yesterday do it on a bunch of clowns well. They alleviate it a little bit of that a lot less clown ARY so doolittle still the guy but his health profile is not strong if you're the save speculators so you're in N._F._l.. Only wear middle relievers perfectly viable or a deep mixer. Who would you gone as as doolittle's backup? I think I'M GONNA go. Strickland's okay got the how weird is it that he's on that not by the way I I. I think I can't remember what podcast yesterday I think it was the bench with Bubba pod that the biggest troll move is if he takes Harper's number dude that would be whole areas i. I don't know if they'd even let him do that. Yeah when I thought I thought he was a total Tom Loser in all of that like I thought he started totally is but it would be but really fun would be an eighty grade troll job. It's fucking did take his number so I don't know if the the nights are even allowing anybody to take as much less him but if they would would that would be amazing it would it would be kinda funny but <hes> yeah so one hundred stricklin goes there with Daniel Hudson ruinous Elliot's they really linked in their bullpen. Hey you know the the fantasy trickle effect would be for the starters. Their wins are going to be a little bit better preserved as anybody with them as no doubt felt the pain of that bullpen so oh good moves by them at the end of strong day we mentioned that pick to make it to the world series. Oh I like that guy got the talent man and nobody's on this year so maybe this is the year that without the hype if if and when they make the playoffs they actually who wants how up against that rotation in the playoffs Oh my God shirts her Strasbourg Osberg foreman would nats astro series. I'm just saying it'd be it'd be really great lot and it'd be almost a throwback right with all the great starting pitching you know we've seen so much bullpen play these days with six of the best starters in the League six of the what top twelve fifteen starters it would have that'd be insane. I mentioned Nicholas Casinos is gone. He went to the cubs in a move that was long rumored and seemed like the right fit <hes> cast yeah. Why Not Defense Yeah I mean you've got <hes> casinos in inch Schwarzer in left I mean Jay is a lot better than you think? Though it's no it's not it's a lot better than it used to be. Yes so but still actually still alive. He's back down this year round for Jason Heyward to cover and he's actually I think hayward himself his defense centers actually been rather. They're poor so he kind of needs to be on a corner. He's playing every day Oh yeah he has. He has to be incentive yeah because you're not putting Schwammberger Boura Castanos there but Castanos. I feel like I don't know you could you could interchange he and Bryant and put Bryan out there a little bit here. Yeah I think Joe Madame a mess around. Honestly I think they needed the capability of hitting lefties more thought they had to go with it and then they can defensive sub albacore more more Antoni camp late in games so I do think that that.

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