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This is talk radio six eighty WCBS now once again here's Tom Moore we're back to the time more so those Billy Joel song we didn't start the fire you know those words are we didn't start the fire we didn't ignited but we tried to fight it boy there's an exit that's certainly not the trump administration they didn't ignite it but doesn't look until the last couple of weeks a lot this week they were trying to fight it anyway now hopefully they will and so we're gonna go to Bob ball in in Parksville regular talk about politicians Bob welcome to the show sorry to keep you waiting twelve minutes and twenty one seconds no problem I'll make this short tonight if you don't mind I don't mind the four of us in for right corsets you create in the politician for up to four right they're always prepared every one of your other prepared I know they all use preparation that no actually you know how they're prepared if they're on the right if they're the right they're prepared by listening to fox fired if they're on the left there listening to it to to C. N. N. so yeah they're all prepared but these people apart all the thought they produce a very stores all right bye thanks for looking forward to yeah it's it's it's that doesn't make a lot of sense to me but you know it's it's the idea of people sheltering in place I'm not that far off we got the word that they want to stay at home same crap every week it's always the same people they just rubber stamp with what they want to say okay well you have played that tape back because his same damn thing every week yeah I know it with but but but you know that that's right but that's you know that's quite frankly that's the beauty of talk radio the people have the right to say things right but the problem I'm not done with that fax services many resources when you're running on a message board leave the problem there but this is the that there are alternative facts I mean I don't know I don't mean that kellyanne Conway over facts facts don't lie no no no trust me but that that that's that's that's but quite frankly Bob that that really is the benefit of talk was because it went it went you know two people looking at the same thing a look in a different fat different aspects of the same thing and I accept thanks to say one thing about the opposite side I know that everyone the same way thank you in a moment this is the same time well you know some but you can probably say that about me too because I I I I have my views I tried I tried so hard to be a middle of the road I really have I got a temper just like anybody else when you push me too far but I don't come in here with this same crap every week I don't I don't understand anybody well you know that's kind of that's kind of where I try to do it I don't have a receipt you know who my favorite president is people think I'm a hard core liberal you know my favorite president of all the president's I've read a lot about presidents you know this is teddy Roosevelt who was Republican anyway here's one of birth Mister Wilson into parts for women switch when he brought in a bull moose party Mr because I came across it would've gone in yeah this is I will no I appreciate we got to take a break we got we got Willie welcome Bob I appreciate we hope you'll come back again because it's alright nice to get some of the least calluses let's let's you know look at this and broadly anyway we're gonna we're gonna take a break we're going to lily for us to find out what's going on in the world of entertainment.

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