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Cbs is omar villafranca looks at a possible motive we don't know exactly and officially a motive but one mother told the la times in a facebook direct message that the shooter had been going had been kind of trying to date her daughter for several months and finally last week the daughter kind of confronted him in class saying no and been pushing away his advances and then this happens on friday president trump said he will demand that the justice department investigate whether the fbi infiltrated his campaign for political purposes and today the department announced the inspector general will look into it cbs's mola langey at the white house just this afternoon the deputy attorney general issued the following statement if anyone did infiltrate or surveilled participants of a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes we need to know about it and take appropriate action the us china trade war is on hold is treasury secretary steve mnuchin says talks between the two countries are going well he told fox a us delegation was able to get an of trade commitments from china during a recent visit i think that you could say fifty sixty billion dollars a year of energy purchases over the next three to five years and strategically that's very important for us in very important for them boaters are being urged to avoid the area where hawaii's volcano is spilling lava into the sea which is producing toxic gases cbs mark strassmann has more one flow from fisher twenty pushed across a highway shutting it down and has begun spilling lava into the pacific ocean that has created both a new hazard and a new round of extraordinary pictures and more than two weeks in this volcano disaster has also evolved into a new phase of activity and worry laba spat or hit one man who lives near the volcano shattering the lower part of his leg former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was the guest of honor at yale university's class day she said she hadn't quite gotten over the twenty sixteen election what's happening right now goes to the heart of who we are as a nation and i say this not as a democrat who lost an election but as an american afraid of losing a country secretary clinton will receive the radcliffe award at harvard.

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