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You have obligations to your company around how you're spending and being fiscally responsible in reporting to it. So if you don't have an easy way to immediately say, yes, I can afford to do this now, or this is how much I have available to me. Now opportunities have just lost. Right. You still have this massive amount of waste. In your in your spend. And and the people that really are doing amazing stuff tend to be able to react quickly. They tend to be able to take you up on that offer or they tend to be able to sell it saying great offer. But it's of Novelli me in the context of everything I'm trying to do. So just that that visibility that immediate access to that. And the confidence that it's the right information too. Many people have to wait weeks months sometimes to get financial information back from their European or from their finance team. So they're living in a little bit of fear. They don't wanna go over budget. They don't want to overextend themselves. So to be really clear that they are. They can take advantage of those opportunities. They need to know right now from a trusted source. So you really do need to connect with your finance information and system so that you're doing that with confidence and that, you know, you're doing the right thing. Because that's the thing that always got me and you hit it right on the head. Is it nobody ever wants to go over? So. So as a result, you've always got this padding built in there, and you always have campaigns where you're like, yeah. We're going to spend about this much on this. And you never really know what's going to happen to and in fact, a lot of times they'll have stuff where people say, you know, we actually this event is not going to happen. We thought it would not not and suddenly, you know, thousand dollars poor in the worst case you reach end of year. And you're like, oh, yeah. There's one hundred grand that we could have put to work worst-case number one. You didn't go spend the money to generate some business that you could. But then worst case number two God forbid, somebody looks at the finances and says oh well next year. You don't need that your budget and actually take it away. Underspending is almost a worst send than overspending for a lot of people. And that's the other scenario that people will come to us in there. Like, we had all this leftover money we could've used and we just don't wanna be enough position. Again, his it's either a use it or lose it on his strategy or to your point anni- kind of looks over the fence and says, you don't you clearly don't need that you didn't spend it. But you've reasons typically for not doing not. Something got delayed product launched didn't happen. We not has a massive impact on marketing teams by Jit. If if your product release gets delayed, I've got customers where translation can shift their ability to spend money dramatically because they need to launch things in nine languages or more than that. So they've got this timing aspect going on where they really do critically need to see that. And if they're seeing something push than they know that they can spend a little bit ahead on something else. So you're not wasting time. You're not missing opportunities. And you're you're managing right down to the best possible impact, you can possibly have on revenue since very active thing. I think people think about budgets and plans as passive, but they are not they are very very active. So if you're going to be that active, you need an accurate in trusted data source to to do that. Okay. And now another thing that we talked about that. I would definitely want to dive into was this idea of the bigger brand thing and just awareness being a major part of of your campaigns work, or what kind of stuff have you seen in what's come to light. Because of being able to do this kind of measurement one of the things. I like to talk about is that brand actually creates an environment in which demand can work. If you're not spending on brand are your least not consciously investing in a way, it's not always money. Sometimes it's people sometimes it's other types of activities. But if you don't actually have a strong enough brand, you're eventually get a run out of the ability to do demand. So what I like to see people doing is looking at the balance between their investment between Brandon demand. Looking at the kind of intersection of those two environments. I've had a couple of great anecdotes at of the customer base where somebody will go in kind of review. What's happened and start digging into why? One region or one product line or something worked better than another. And they'll they'll go in the Laci seats because of the mix it's not because that particular demand campaign was perfectly crafted it because they had an environment in which that demand could really really work. And if you don't have anything like nobody knows who you are. And they don't know what to think of you when they find that out for your demand of these super -ffective and and fast to get that kind of loss that you need you need to remove barriers. And some of those barriers are not knowing who you are not understanding what you do not recognizing the promise all and then not trusting that you're going to solve it for them. Because brand is sorta starts with do. They know who you are. But it also says how do they feel about you, and it should make everything easier? Your brand the strength of your brands should make your demand easier. It should make your hiring easier. It should make your expansion easier. It. Should actually kind of remove some friction from all of the other stuff that you're doing. So we if we're nearing everything down to this idea that we put a dollar in. And we know exactly what we're gonna get out. We can over index on that direct marketing kind of thought and under served the brands in the brand really should be making it easier for everything else to work. So there's a balance to be there, and you're going to spend money with curiously with the intention of creating an environment within which you're demand can work. So that that interplay becomes really interesting. But if you haven't instrumented, your plans in your investment to understand that you can't possibly know. And so you're you're back to guessing you have all this data about conversion rates and things like that. But you have no idea what was influencing it at the time in in brand is one of those big pieces of influence on how successful you can be. In the other parts of your revenue engine. I would like to thank h refs for their support of marketing over coffee, Tim solo who's just on a couple of weeks ago has a new post out we call the subject to the future post Ray goes back in tells his previous self information that he wishy new you can check out how to promote your blog seven, fundamental strategies. I've got a link to that in the show notes and also we are still giving away HF's accounts. So if you are responsible for keyword research or just trying to get better placement with your search results and all kinds of other stuff as far as driving traffic. It's the same tool that we use for a lot of data mining Chris loves it because you can export data and do whatever kind of analysis you want on it this week's winners. We've got Randy Wenchel was drawn from the first week of the month that we ran the promotion and the second winner is at last the Etta James story, which is running out the Sydney Opera House. 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