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Yeah i there's got and say you know it's like it's weird to as a hunter to say things like this realized that you think these look this but to me is nothing say header than an offspring being separated from its all that plagues ula offspring being separated from their moms said authorities is so uncomfortable but it's just through yanni pray man predator man but i'm watching bbc television so you guys have been an enormous amount of time outside but how many times how are you actually see some kills yeah exactly that some say are you bruton for to happen or not when i'm watching the matter what i watch i'm always like watching if i'm watching the bear i'm like always hopeful that all of a sudden he just going to rampage into something interior to peacekeeping every bit sorry i just looked like also going have watching it halo in the best case scenario and of course the minute you want to be where he actually room no no no i just wanna read between the lines i think you'll get rid of all the wolves yet he's an and i believe that he might and i can say this smith who in the world is going to find dade smith i think dave smith might be an anti predators the nasseri and he's like i'm gonna hit their predator guy i don't wanna just come right out say that so all talk about the brutality with help we which they kill i'm not big inside i'm rooting for the interaction a happened and i'm just happy to sit there and watch and enjoy the observation whatever whatever happens sometimes of your watch more them which documentaries and in the lyon look sauce greg 'lion super hungry than i start re who boy i am with you on us combat fake.

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