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Everything you need every time you listen wtop great to have you with us on a tuesday afternoon I'm Mark Lewis the biggest mega millions jackpot ever is up for grabs tonight no one's won that in about four months and the odds are steep yet wtop's John Dolman still found folks hoping they'll get lucky today knowing the only way to boost your odds of winning is to play more tickets kyle owen left crescent wine and spirits bui with a handful of tickets hoping one of them has the right combination you gotta play to win so yeah might as try so how lucky are you feeling today not very lucky but you know at least I'm trying so the odds of winning won in 302 .6 million I can say that's not very high I probably don't at all the techno TV group says in recent years the numbers 10 and 14 have been drawn most the common mega ball lately 22 how hopeful are you not very hopeful not all at in buoy John dome in wtop news where is that confidence meantime more Americans are carrying credit card debt than ever before and they're paying a steep price for those balances credit interest rates are averaging now more than 20 percent but bank rate senior industry analyst had Rossman says that doesn't mean that credit cards are all bad it means how you use your credit card is really important it's why people say credit cards are like power tools they can work for you or they can work against you basically and basically half of cardholders have debt they're really paying high interest rates the other half are getting rewards and buyer protections and life is great so you want definitely to strive to be among that camp if you can Rossman says if you have a lot of credit card debt you should move that debt to a zero interest card transferred there many will allow you to hold your debt at zero interest for up to 21 months here's your chill on money question of the day Mary Lynn from North Carolina asks my husband and I are considering naming a bank to be our executors for our estate we're also having trouble narrowing down an institution that could handle specific issues like

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