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Like taken down a peg because at people notice their failures and their successes way more. Because of that. I think my dislike wonderman about this whole is if if pretty much paul big strapped simmons out of philadelphia and maxi also leaves philadelphia oriented situation where teams are becoming more cheerful or agent than ever before. I think there are plenty of examples throughout the history of the nba of agents having their tentacles into certain teams. The bucks were a prime example of this. Jason kidd was head coach. That team was pretty much. Run by that agency. Lakers are example. Paul having a lot of influence of that team our getting to the point where like like more than ever before. We're seeing more asian influence into like almost territories here where it's almost like sharks and jetties going on more than teens. You're saying hypothetically if tyrus maxine were traded because he loves yes love the community there it just seems maybe it's just more out in the open because it's cost because paul like draws much more attention but does feel like we're we're hearing the quiet parts out loud a little bit more than ever before. I think it's just more visible and that's that's the clutch effect as we've been talking about is. This is an agency that gets discussed for for better or worse for whatever reasons people are talking about. What clutch does in ways. They weren't talking about happy. Walters or dan fagin or you know like these. Other agencies had relationships with teams. It's just it's just a different level of visibility. I mean rob that deal that demar derozen just got like if clutch had did that deal trust me. They would have found a way to black. Ten is what we do baby like. That's a ridiculous deal right like. That's in an insanely good piece of aging. On the part of aaron goodwin them to get tomorrow rolls ninety million freaking dollars. You know. I just feel like if that was a clutch situation it would have been way. More publicized we heard way more about it right. I just think on the good end the bad side other agencies. Don't get the attention debt. Rich paul rose. And i mean the influences real. You know. we're we're we're talking about. Ben simmons twenty to to the three the quote unquote three california teams. Not a coincidence that the lakers have considerable clutch ties. Air fled so now clipper you got dream on. I think moses moody is represented by clutch well at the warriors like those are teams with established relationships with that agency. Not a coincidence. I've been reading the the cia. Oral history. that. James miller did and i gotta say like i'm just getting bad signs of like this basically being packaging for the nba. I don't know. I'm i'm clearly in a different head space but i'm just saying this is. This is just all really gross and i want nothing to do with the whole other layer to the transaction team that just makes things way more of a pissing contest than anything that like we would actually want to discuss and it's just like it's a little exhausting. I'll just say that. I think there's a reason it was out of nba coverage for so long especially at a time where we wanted to mythologised players and we wanted to have a more romantic vision of the game. I think fans now want a more complete view of things if if you want to seek it out if you wanna watch the games and you know celebrate players. You can do that but there is. There's certainly a an underbelly to the nba. Sometimes dark sometimes not With all the dealings going on listen they're sub stack for that now my friend. So you can Talk about quick. Ro quickly sheriff so today on wednesday. He signed a two year forty-six million dollar extension according to espn with hawks interesting because he already had two years on his contract So this should take him through his age. Thirty season with the hawks after doing a good job pretty much. Just completely being the hawks defense and bring them back to respectability on that end. The season rob just first and foremost cappella deal. Good deal bad deal find deal. What do you think good deal. I mean this is an eastern conference finalist team bring back one of its best players one of the better defensive players in the league last season and i think most importantly one of the guys who gives that team baseline so that all their young players can be upside place. You know he. He is the steady foundation of that team in a lot of ways. So i liked. They're they're kinda slow playing on yucca congas development and letting him grow into his game before trying to shoehorn him into a starting role is clearly ready to play now but starting for a team that wants to contend is a very different thing so let cappella serve his time. There be a really good player for you beyond a reasonable contract for guy who was at least in the running to be on the ballot for defensive player of the year. You know in all defense candidate. I don't i don't really see anything anything to not be happy about with an arrangement like that. Good for cappella. Good for the hawks. Yeah this mamie. Actually thinking about jared allen deal in the sense that you know there was mixed reaction to that deal. A lot of people felt like it was one of the worst deals of the off-season. Just the idea that you would guarantee that guy twenty million a year where to me. It feels like twenty million is basically. If you're a bona fide starting center not a on the fringe type of started. Sending no matter travailed mckee right like no matter. What team basically you're on the nba. You probably going to start for that team at center. I feel like twenty million bucks is the going rate in this reno. County bonuses and incentives is about twenty two twenty three million into his age thirty season. This seems completely reasonable In the league with the cap was gonna go up although maybe not as crazily as it has in the recent past. But it's going to go up. Seems like a reasonable deal for guy like you said rob steadied the teams defence before clink cappella. Got there the hawks who the worst defense in the nba consistently for like two to three years. He got automatically league average. Just by getting this dude in their buildings so yeah i think this is more than fair deal now. Yeah definitely seems like a good thing to lock him up. I think my question is more of like or just what i'm thinking about. This is more in the broad sense. Does it seem like there are more extensions happening than ever before. I do wonder if this is a product of how knife fee free agency has gotten like how much players have wrested back control in free agency where they're forcing trades and whatnot. It's almost like you lock in the deal for the player. Keep him happy and on the players side. You lock in the money as soon as possible because like maybe you won't even make it agency all happens before that. Can i get the etymology of nike. And can you use a sentence new deal. I thought he said nike resolve again. Nike's control.

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