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1000. We'll talk to Albert Breer at eight shot No shots at a 35 and our guy Anthony result. In an upper deck shot New York yesterday in the Cubs five to loss at 9 35 3123323776. So Alan Robinson showed up at Halas Hall yesterday had to go through some Different intake things. He's got a month to sign his franchise tender. Would you give him a monster deal hoodie? Well, I need to find out what free agency looks like for next year. Right? Can I get an asset that can be more productive as productive or more productive than Robinson? But a younger asset. That's that's my question. So so? So, so Michael Irvin was just on recently. On the Lebatard show, and they were asking him. They said, Hey, you know what Is there a wide receiver? That's un song, someone that doesn't get enough of claim but really gets the job done. Michael Irvin, said Alan Robinson And so to me, Alan Robinson, as I've told you last year, and I feel this way now. Robinson is a top 10 receiver in the league. And so here's the question. Can you are you Are you able to get the best out of him now with a new quarterback, and that very well could be Justin Fields. It could be Andy Dalton. Will he give you the same production or more? Looking for more of that spot if you can write You are looking for more, obviously, at that spot to get Alan Robinson like if I'm him Why would he be upset with the contract he has right now. He's getting 19 million all guaranteed. And there probably will not tagged him a second time because the cost would be prohibitive if they offered you 19 million. You'd say why. Why am I not work? 20? That's just human nature. Right? I just even at that. Don't look at it from a football player standpoint. That's just anybody. You see the the team will tell you what you're worth. When you feel like you're worth more Okay like that's that's like being his position right now. You believe, And I believe that we're worth more than what we're given. Right? Right? Because if you don't, you shouldn't be in the job. Same thing with Al Robinson. Just perspective. Transall. Okay, So here's the free agent class for next year. Allen Robinson. Obviously he's 29 years of age. Chris Godwin. He's 26 years of age from Tampa. Very good player. Probably take Robinson Devontae Adams. Well, that's a different story right there. He's 30, but he's a much better player. Absolutely. That doesn't That's not a shot at Robinson. That's high praise from my seat, at least correct. Don't wanna speak for you, Um will Fuller who's 28? Robby Anderson. Who's 29 Jamison Crowder, who's 29? T Y Hilton, Who's 33? Juju Smith Schuster, who is 26. It does a great podcast. Okay. And the other guys. Emmanuel Sanders, old 35, AJ Green 34. Sammy Watkins is nowhere near the player Allen Robinson is you've been on that podcast was Schuster, though, haven't you? I do David's podcast. I think they're brothers. David. The David Shuster podcast. Um, a guy like Sammy Watkins. Remember, the Bears tried to sign him? Yes, he ended up in Kansas City. And now he's in Baltimore. He's just been one of those. I think he was the guy Buffalo originally traded up in the draft to get believe that's correct and just never quite hit the level. Everyone thought he would. So there's Good players in free agency next year. Antonio Brown, Albert Wilson Breshad Perriman. But at the top of the heap Allen Robinson, other than Devonte Adams and potentially Chris Godwin, he's top three. Yeah, I think that you gave the top three right there. An Allen Robinson Bernie team would be a difference maker would be a difference maker for this team. If if they could get him the ball this season will tell a great story. Want it like he could sign? Whatever. But this season could be The Justin Fields story or the Andy Dalton story. So they give you on spot. Track the contracts and they tell you Market value. What Alan Robinson market value should be. That's fine. Sorry about that. Four years 80.2 million Average salary of 20 point. Oh, 52. That's about right. That's in the ballpark. You're not going to parse over a million. You'd like to make that 20 but say that as you mentioned the Bears offer 18. Fine. Let's go. Would you sign it if you were him? Sure. Sure I want to. There's bonuses attached to that, too, Or is that just I know that's not a flat feet. It's got to be a certain amount of catches touchdowns. I'm sure that's written in as well. There's escalators. I'm sure that deal right? Yes, they don't tell you. They just tell you he's his market value is a $20 million salary every year. Sure. Sure that's fine, And he's a really, really good player doesn't have breakaway speed. He's not the Tyreek Hill, Right, That's a different level player. That's correct. Michael Thomas Different level player, but Is he really, really freaking good? Yes, And we wouldn't know it in the Bears uniform. But yes, I believe that he is. Well, that's the other thing. I was looking at the break at his numbers. Yeah, like he's got really impactful numbers. Quarterbacks were Mitchell Robiskie, Nick Falls and Blake Bortles. Are you going to do so he might say to you? You don't think I'm worth $20 million a year? Do you know the stumble bums have been thrown to me? And I haven't had Like what? Jerry Rice, said John Taylor.

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