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Let's open the show with a mom fail moments. We are here because we've all struggled as moms and anyone who has says that they haven't is a liar face. All right. So it's your turn. How I think that this mom fail is not really funny. But it I felt like a failure. After it happened. My the other day, I just I was having really betting Zaidi. And there was a lot happening at once like innocent stuff like khloe was screaming and chasing a balloon and Aubrey was like watch me cartwheel, and my husband was like babe, babe. Did you get dinner Dutta? Everybody was talking at once. And then my son comes up to me and was like, mommy, and I just snapped down. I lost it, and sadly, my poor son was on the receiving end of it. And I was like I can't do this. I can't have this many people talking to me at once. Why do you guys Dutta just like really rational and my son's face just like turned to like sad. Nece and confusion like his eyes got really big when I snapped. It scared him, and then he got it's making me sad to think about it right now. But we've all been there. We've all done that the problem is when you have that many people talking to you at one time and all of the things that are going through our brains. It sounds like you're in a football stadium with sixty thousand fans, except they're not fans there are people who are doing at your life. And you're like, oh, dear Lord. Yes. But that's what it feels like right? It's completely and utterly overwhelming. Yes. And I don't I don't even think I could count on my hand. How many times I've had that moment? Thank you you reel it back in. But I've had that I'll have to tell this one next time. But I've got a great mom fail. That includes a penguin. And let's just say he could never fly again. So we'll save that. It sounds intriguing. But yes, but I feel you and just so, you know, absolutely, you aren't alone. And I bet you everybody in here that is watching live today would agree. Thank you. That makes me feel better. I apologized immediately. After in told him that it wasn't him. It was me. But I just have the image of his face in my head. And I feel so bad. I wish I wasn't like that sometime. But that's how you know that you are fantastic number one globally. Rated. Thank you. Because you you you caught it Gary. And then you backtracking, you're like Berber, okay? Ice cream for dinner. All you. All right. Exactly best mom again. Now, we're going to Disney. Annual. I was not expecting that. I'm sorry. But that's that's what this is. All right. And that's why it's it's freaking hard to be a mom. Yeah. But yeah. So we feel you girl. We do. Thank you. Okay. Today's trending parenting news is brought to you by growth collaborative. I do the whole ad in tears. I'm like..

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