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What to get three guys who are the same size i mean altered robertson pointed taylor gabriel for all basically the same size you know and failed to basically the same things well with john socket about though is there's a special quality deep gabriel lit the other two guys don't have that he's getting gloomy speed to change the game on a five yard growth those other guys might be able to break cleats of this guy if he gets it practice to the other in parts of last night we have that had that elite speed it we have on special teams for about five years before we on court anton smith yeah maybe we find a play for taylor gabriel self the comparison down wanna get all the win on this very quickly after today falcons doing oakland's then the go to new orleans on monday night in averse regained certainly very emotional then carolina comes in then you're back on the road for some very tough games with all of them in mind ryan starting with you how critical is it to hold serve at home against a divisional opponent today i mean this is a big game today it has to set the tone for the fans assisted on hurt for the executives i had a chance to the run owens arguments mckay it he said you know what this is what we're here for but nobody when he knows what's going to happen because he just had the three season so you know it's excitement but is still some uncertainty so i think you know that about me they can visit home today deadly putting on this road trip lessen the runner you never won a color game in week one month when but it does condon that field as well as since the beginning of training camp people have to look at the were seven or eight weeks of the season overstated away three trips to the about the western time zones you're going.

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