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Right. let's start here. The patriots wide receiver kill. Harry is requested at trade from the team. Well that makes sense because he came in with hype use a first round. Nfl draft pick drafted to be great and has since done nothing. They don't the they being the patriots. Don't care that they spent a i on him if he's not as good as their undrafted rookie wide receiver. The same year jacoby myers. Then you're gonna put the best player on the field so they're trying to capitalize and find another team who wants to invest because they see that the patriots are pretty much out on the keel. Harry being a great wide receiver. They being the agents. Yes yeah i mean. This is a move brought on by nicole. Harry's agent this is a move as a result of two years combined some eighty targets. Which at least from nicole harris perspective. He didn't get enough to show what he can do. But you know something didn't something didn't work there and you look at bill and his first round flops. I mean i guess you you can call sony michelle a success enough if he helped lead you to a title but long-term i mean sony could get cut this year. We don't know what do you do. If you're a dynasty manager of an akil. Harry do you believe that this is good. Like let's say he's already on your roster. Is this good news. Foreign akil. harry's outlook no future new england. So yes but i don't think he's going to be traded because i don't think that they're going. I don't know if he finds a partner. Yeah the i mean. What would you be trading for him. I mean south surrounding pass round pick and so the issue there becomes okay. Let's say well. He's not gonna make it for the patriots another team trading for him while that sounds good on paper until you realize they're trading nothing for him there's no investment so he's still gotta go prove it wherever he goes. I think it's worth bringing up. The jacoby myers is not talked about a lot. This off season hasn't been you have the acquisition of nelson aguilar. Who was you're talking about. The deep passes last year. He was one of the most targeted and effective in terms of catch percentage deep targets in the nfl season. They added into the roster. They signed kendrick born everything. So far with jacoby myers in the off. Season has been positive when you add the to pass catching options in john smith and hunter henry. There's no future for for nikki. Also moving on is the best situation without question but it's not a great situation if you drafted him number. One in your dynasty drafts. Yeah and i. I wouldn't get cute and try to trade for him trying to hold on gets better now. The odds are very much against them. Having broken out through his first two seasons clyde ribs layer. Patrick mahomes they have both suggested.

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