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For state dot com. Adams own do it for state number four, but not the F O R, but he fell he needed to other name as well. So he found an address for ED through go daddy's listing and showed up uninvited to the domain owners home. Was there? Adam informed, e that he. He wanted to buy the do it for state domain. But he does not fill. From that point on core. Dogma say Adams continued to pressure ED sale the site at one point he said, he was sell it for twenty thousand dollars atoms. That amount was too high. When Adam sent wanna eat ease friends a message with a gun emoji. Prosecutors. Oh, so then he sent a his one of the guys friends who had domain a message with a gun emoji. It may twenty seventeen now two years later Adams went again eighties house when his brother answered the door yet him symbol tainted some simulated punching by punching his fist into his hand before stating I'm hitting two for the name, whatever it takes. I'm not leaving without it. So shout full force in house party. Still being the domain name folly June twenty seventeen to four two years after the start Adams orchestrated an incident at ease house attorney, bloody over fucking domain name. Adams enlisted, the help of his cousins Sherman Hopkins junior of felon to help him get the website domain Adams's charter giving Hopkins stolen gun tasers and written instructors, get E E J. They put on this one, okay? To transfer the domain name into Adams, go daddy account Howkins broken eighties house using pantyhose sunglasses and a hat does your his face. How can how can busted out eighties bedroom door idiot gun point to computer to begin transfer into domain name all while? Pistol whipped him using the threatening the further harm him if he notify police the two may got into tussle e twisted the gun from Hopkins and shot him several times in the chest before calling nine one one. How can survive his injuries, but was charged by police? He was sentenced to twenty years in prison last June at the pleading guilty to one count of interference with commerce by threats of violence. Imagine. What are you aim for? I get get a domain. Do for state, and I don't to state bid nigga like what are you doing? Adams now faces the same then it's plus two two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine at the he was convicted last we can't guess the race of Rossy, Laura. Theo Adams, the second everybody sounds like everybody sounds white to Kamran. Let's check the chat room and see what you guys believe dude, bro. White cue. What white nonesense is this me only a white mic and make virtual colonizer real life, violent white when the title goes wrong white. Why why why dot com on everything Columbus as white black went three times this sum whiteness eighties B-movie movie? Why why? So let's everybody went. Well, why on this on this for one person and everybody is? Absolutely wrong. He's black. Demand. Recount what's happening here for the one person that got it, right? You get the gawk clap because nobody else thought as she coming. Laura, THEO Adams, the second guess, Laura THEO could have been a giveaway, but I thought it was like some Greek she knows over domain name domain name. Dow domain thugging roll up on their ACT p bitch. You put shit in Mark go daddy account. I know that much from put the put chopper to your s and it's a lot of pressure. Ova domain. They found as we put on that day gas over domains now Pistole living, right one point five million followers, anywhere. Fall that FAM. I'm sorry. All right. Let's get outta here was from sore ratchet nece..

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