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Now on motivational monday. Man we want you motivate got some love right now when pay way what a heart set apart except for me. let's go. Hey wait arts sect hey wait. Wait a heart snack. Hey wait hearts with a win. Who was hey. Hey chat room. Hey heart set a chat room to chat room chat chat would say hey wait are thick with a heart. Set a win. Hey wait a heart set heart said hey wait. A heart set with heart set. Hey hey hey man. Wait a minute chat with chat room win. An exact bobby. Let's go. hey wait wait. Heart sank win the hardest. Hey win the heart a heart. Hey wait wait a heart set. Ooh ooh hey. Hey hey all we pretzels lungs. Because you know i put that johnson and johnson to the test we sure. Did you put it all the way to the proximity lungs. Yeah well there is work and so far. There's only monday natalie right. Isn't the bills in. Hey natalie release guy here haley. you'll leave we coming down to texas lahey what's going on just announce it announced it again. We come into texas texas How far do you live from dallas. That don't live from dallas from dallas. We coming down. Hey shahi johnson is in the building. What i've shot. He a right there. Let's go right. Derek evans is here. Hello derek morning out to sea learning. Were up charles. Audrey johnson is in the building. Hey audrey you Prentice what's that. What the base. For what we do what i do. The show and hayes jones and the building was that the show and let me tell you something real quick I mean alantic city. She's at the event on saturday night looking beautiful as usual. She's with a homegirl. Cristine from brooklyn right and we. You know we talk. We were having a conversation. And i was like handle sean. The promoter screwed up my room like the last time and that that moment like i didn't have a room follows sean. About and then you know a couple of hours later. God blesses woman. She comes over to me. She says sean. Because you know. Listen to sean. Pains has like fifteen million new points in atlantic city. Right been awash. Don't move there. She goes shaun. You can stay in my room if you want. You can sleep on the couch blah blah blah. But by that time has straighten out my room and see and this is what i'm talking about my sister's coming through like shaw ain't don't worry about it i guess right that's right and i i love this woman in thank you. She's like shaw. You know we just we all just sleep on the floor fine spot. I slipped on media floor. It's going to be islamic party. And she was staying on issues like she was staying at a five star hotel. Yeah we was at the section eight of hotels at the right. Yeah i said next time. If i go again i will be staying somewhere else knows like that. She looked at the pitchers screwed. Actually look at some reviews and a half star hotel. I'll tell you what. I know you reference but the thing is a lot of us the majority of especially black folks. Long some of those rumors. Okay 'cause everybody's drinking and everybody's having a good time they just wanna lay their head down and then you have a percentage of folks. He'll wait a minute. This is what i get for sixty nine dollars. That's sixty nine dollars. You get what you get you pay highness them now. That's why there's a package they want the mark up the price a little bit of course for money but you have to have some kind of you know the hotel but see the claritin is one of those hotels where it allows promoters to have the events there because it is very pricing last like to have these events you go to the hard rock. They might want three hundred dollars a night for the role. They don't care what type of package you put together but to my beloved sisley shawn heins jones. Thank you thank you for coming over me in the middle of the night. Don't worry about it. We got you and i was good. God bless you who else. We have. Our very own cindy jana building. Hello late in yes. Dido is he. Hey d- logan wanting to you. Oh my god sue so wrecked it'll be talking to the veins it's popping out so nicely talk to you know what i suggest you can't. You don't even have a dark addiction. I believe that you talked to her. Dog addiction deal. That is two totally different things. Trust me when. I say hello de low talking to the big banks built like the okay. We just leave it there talking to the big thing. All right you're not bill for big bang life about the about big vein..

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