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Thank this is this is this year why is this name mentioned in the subscription the helmet doesn't fit you must acquit but there are there was an article of paper on the weekend member the one merit shell incident with the back sure years ago there was an old coal or camera colts name but he did the same thing in hockey if you or Marty McSorley did it with a stick he was charged with assault I want to get another player with a stick there is a penalty for fighting anarchy but that's when both guys dropped the gloves and mutually agreed will fly either give another says majors in five minutes they're not arrested because they both agree to fisticuffs there there's no agreement here this guy was hit clock right over the head with a helmet and that's the reason why the man should been charged with assault Disha you you have or we once had a player on the Orioles whose name I will not say out loud who thought it was fun to throw a baseball bats at the at the fans who were harassing him right that's it there sometimes I don't know what he's gonna get your Robbie Alomar Robbie Alomar was you know he spit on an umpire and could have been charmed that's assault was well I mean they're different degrees of assault but you know again when you are openly take somebody's helmet and hit him over the head with it you should been charged in one of the the police did not charge him is another question all together arsenal com weaver promise the of some sound bites and excerpts from the attorney general's excellent a speech to the federal society we got that come up right after the eight thirty news and some other people making news here this morning a member of the odd squad may have your own line with the campaign finance laws will tell you who that is in just a moment and our buddy I'll surely the million dollar payday out of his home in charity wow and he still has at least two and a half million dollars of actually is outstanding so I would say it's alright peers over to watch and we're going to garnish your wages because you'll really dollars we're garnishing.

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