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So Hugo Chavez decided to nationalize companies and farms and factories now nationalize is a really fancy leftist term that means steel so his regime, stole whole companies whole farms from people full factories as a result of this, by the way, Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips left the country Venezuela. So now, you've got international capital is pulling out because they can't be in this unstable region where this thug government is just gonna steal your property. So they start pulling out the economy continues to falter. So what is shove is do does he pull back on socialism? Of course, not he seizes even more political power in two thousand twelve not long before he died. He outlawed private gun ownership all throughout Venezuela. Let me tell you something. If those people who are being crushed by tanks right now. Had private gun ownership. They would not be being crushed by tanks because they would be shooting the military and the cops and the thugs who are oppressing them, and who are attacking them and who were killing them extra judicially. Now, this brings us to twenty thirteen. Shabas dies Madero. His hand picked successor takes power at this point. I actually almost feel bad for Madero because the poison of socialism had run. Its course there was very little that he could do the Bill for all that free stuff that Hugo Chavez was giving out finally came due and at the same time, a drop in oil prices man that the government couldn't even keep up the pretense of solvency the jig was up. So the one thing Madero could have done is he could have gradually cut spending. He could have shown that he was gradually willing to respect property rights. He was eager for foreign investment. He was going to deal responsibly with his government. And then maybe more money would have come in is that what he did. No. Of course, not because he's a socialist. So instead what he did is. He just started printing money like I love when politicians think they can just print more money. They this has never worked in all of history. It's not even really short term solution because the minute you start doing it. Everybody begins to distrust, your government, distrust your economy and very very quickly. You get hyper inflation, which is exactly what happened. The hyper inflation triggered this revolution. Because the money was worthless. And that revolution triggered the violent crackdown that you see from the government that you see from tanks rolling over citizens in Venezuela. This is not the first time. This has happened to socialist government. This always happens and socialist governments. This always has happened in the Soviet Union had happened, obviously North Korea it happened in other Latin American socialist, governments happened in China happened in all of these places this is socialism. And here's the scary number. According to Gallup polling the majority of young Americans support socialism, they look favorably on socialism. And according to that same poll only forty five percent of young Americans look favorably on capitalism, which is to say private property, which is to say, the free exchange of goods and services. Young America is far more socialist than capitalist. The good news is a lot of polls show that young Americans can't define socialism. That's a good thing. But why do they identify socialist? Why do they look on it favorably? It's because politicians like Bernie Sanders in Alexandria, ocasio Cortez or openly peddling this poisonous ideology. And what they say is our idea of socialism, it's like Iceland, it's like Denmark, it's like Sweden. It's not like Venezuela. No, no, no, don't don't look at Venezuela. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. No, no, look over here at the Nordic countries that is simply a lie. We will explain why it's ally in a second but first lending club..

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