Harry Wilson, Michael Barr, Governor Kathy Hochul discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


In Michael Barr to find out what else is going on in New York and around the world John thank you very much sir New York has expanded legal protections for people seeking and providing abortions in the state under legislation signed by governor Kathy hochul The democratic governor pushed for the laws and anticipation of the U.S. Supreme Court potentially overruling its 1973 roe V wade decision which established a constitutional right to abortion Must the hard fought battles for my mother's generation my generation my 30 year old daughter's generation have to be inherited by my new granddaughter's generation as well Well apparently so Governor hulk says one new law protects abortion providers from arrest extradition and illegal proceedings in other states by forbidding New York State from cooperating most scenarios For Republican candidates for New York governor faced off last night in their first televised debate with two weeks to go before the state's primary election Some of the sharpest exchanges of the night came between U.S. representative Lee zeldin and businessman Harry Wilson who has said he did not vote for Donald Trump in 2020 zeldin repeatedly assailed Wilson as a never trumper and a Republican in name only I believe there were battling for the heart and soul of our country and it's not just the Democrats but it's the rhinos like Harry Wilson who are out there making sure that we have this moment in time with one party democratic rule in Washington D.C. Wilson responded Now mister zeldin is going to go on to a series of attacks You saw him even before I had a chance to speak just like he started attacking me before I ran my campaign It's because he's scared because he's a broken candidate Wilson claimed that in January Zelda and asked him to be his running mate The Republican field aired on CBS two also included former Westchester county executive rob astorino and Andrew Giuliani the son of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani Attorney general Merrick Garland confirms he is keeping an eye on all of the House committees hearings on the January 6th capitol riot However Garland is choosing not to elaborate on the current status of a possible investigation against Donald Trump The Justice Department's long-standing position is that we don't commenting Don't comment on ongoing investigations During a second day of hearings former attorney general William Barr said Trump seemed detached from reality that he had lost the election Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts and more than a 120 countries I'm Michael Barr and this is Bloomberg John Michael thank you There's now 6 ten on Wall Street that is time for the Bloomberg sports update Here's John snatcher Nice John Golden State Warriors can win the NBA championship Thursday in Boston if they lose they'll have another chance with a game 7 Sunday in San Francisco where last night the warriors started the fourth quarter with a ten nothing run and they won game 5 by ten one O four 94 They leave the series three to two All 5 games in the series had been won by at least ten points Andrew Wiggins led Golden State 26 points Klay Thompson had 21 Steph Curry who scored 43 points in game four did not make a single three pointer That is not happened since November of 2018 233 games ago Max back home from the road trip they'll play Milwaukee who just stated any team losing straight to Yankees winners of 11 the last 12 host Tampa Bay it's Garrett Cole versus the X yank Corey Kluber Cole comes off the outing where he gave up 5 home runs Josh Donaldson tonight will serve the one game suspension he got for comments made to the White.

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