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It's gonna come along I think the offense will be better at the very least going forward but with Ariel Atkins you know I have to say I was I was a little disappointed last two games um yeah she needs to be a star and we say this we've said this a lot and and like we've said always she's gotten she gets better at like things every year just incremental improvement incremental improvement incremental improvement and she's a star she's us she's an olympian gold medalist there's no denying that she's a star just like I want to see her offensively take a little bit more ownership of this right um and and just say you know hey yeah we have Elena Deladon I need to get mine though she only took nine she took what nine shots in the last game um yeah nine shots in the game in the first game against Connecticut seven shots in the last game she should never go two for seven or two for nine I need her to have that waiters mentality of like I'd rather go oh for 40 than one for nine because one for nine means I stopped shooting yeah like so I I need her to just take it a little bit more and say I need to produce more and that doesn't mean just like that like that little dribble dribble steps aside you know mid ranger I like that as your as your kind of like bailout and the shot clock but I want her to get downhill more and really you know show her stuff because I think she's ceding that that that responsibility to cloud and to Sykes because they're a little better at it but I need Ariel to do it too because she needs to be the second best player on this team for them to go places right absolutely I agree um and I know last year that was a point of emphasis for Ariel individually you know she came into last season saying I want to get to the free throw line norm right I want to I want to put my shoulders down and drive and get into the bat and get into the and finish at the basket so I mean I think that's still there for her to do I think that you know every year I think once you put that in the atmosphere like this is what I want to improve upon it's not just for that year right it's like forever moving forward that you want that as part of your skill set so I think she's still working on you know the the win she already knows how but I think it's the win to do it right I mean when you have uh the two post players in there the spacing is a little different and I think that's what Eric Thiebaud is kind of alluding to um with their pick and roll actions saying that we're too crowded in our pick and roll actions and you know that defense is being drawn from from a big right so your second line of defense when you're trying to finish at the rim is huge so you know you have to pick and choose when to attack so it's not like I don't think she's like not attacking yeah okay I just think she's trying to figure out when to attack okay so that's different it's not that she's shying away from from that action she's just trying to figure out how do I get in there when there's so many bodies in the way yeah right and her teammate and her teammates have to find her too and her teammates have to find her um and Eric said you know Eric Thiebaud said before the Connecticut game on Tuesday said we've got to find a way to get her um not to take the most difficult shot in the possession right and I think that's what we've seen from her I mean she is taking that dribble and then to the side right um and and pulling but I think also yesterday um there was an opportunity for her it was like I think it was a paint three wasn't it a paint three or a paint long two where she got it kicked out to her and she knocked it in and um you know those are the kinds of shots we were used to seeing from Ariel Atkins right penetration and kick you know and they had Misamin and you know um but Misamin wasn't necessarily back to the basket when she was on the floor with Elena Deladon it was like a four out one in kind of situation more so than um you know two posts like it is kind of now it's almost reversed like with Shakira being the one kind of anchored on the on the block and Deladon floating a little bit more um in the forward position I so don't know it's got to be a win to go for Ariel Atkins and I think she's going to get it and and again you know the chemistry is still um redeveloping itself for the Mystics even though they're familiar like I said with one another they still have to have this time to formulate what the actions look like with Eric Thiebaud there now as a head coach and I'm sure they're running a lot of the same actions but you know they're different even though they're the same you know across their back they're different as players add more to their game like Ariel wants to add more to her game so it's not you know they're not like in a box you know like they're growing like they're always growing their game so you just have to you know give them some grace with that too but I think they'll get it um it looked better yesterday in snatches their spacing in the quarter court but Atkins will get it I think Cloud will too I mean Cloud was attacking she just wasn't finishing yeah I'm fine with that Natasha like to me like any any offensive thing from Natasha like obviously if she has a ton of turnovers that's a problem outside of that like Natasha like you do your thing you get to the rim you're gonna you're gonna make the right passes like we you're not you shouldn't be as reliant on her scoring you have to be a little bit more reliant on a player like Atkins and I'm with you so again I mean just in like the most simple terms right like she has moved from the shooting guard to be small forward if you want to have positions she is more of a small forward now with Brittany Sykes taking on more of the ball handling responsibilities so that will necessitate her getting the ball more from her teammates but yeah I think you have to just if the boat is built out of score offensively if the boat's built out of scoring from in this order Elena Deladon Ariel Atkins Shakira Austin then Ariel Atkins needs to do it every night and I think she can I think she will and I

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