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This is a Bloomberg market minute. Today's trading answered all questions about whether Wall Street's worst is over stocks started the session with gains and gave them all up. And then some the Dow bouncing higher I by more than three hundred points, then ending lower by almost two hundred fifty the Dow fell two hundred forty five NASDAQ one hundred seventeen the SNP seventeen Amazon and Netflix lead tech shares lower. But once sources tell Bloomberg the US is getting a new wave of tariffs set for all Chinese imports if talks between President Trump and China's president don't ease trade tensions things started looking more. Like a route IBM has had a tough time trying to reposition itself as a cloud company. So it's buying the open source software company. Red hat the deals were thirty three billion dollars. It sent red hat. Shares soaring by almost half their value IBM's dropped four percent. And analyst says indicates IBM isn't as far along in the cloud. As it has suggested. I'm Joan Doniger Bloomberg. Radio. News Radio one thousand Katie. Okay. Why FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City? Thousand KT. Okay. There seems to be a fire at OGSM, but firefighters are on the scene, Calvin writes. Well, Lee we're talking about a loose tire and rim apparently to blame for accidents in the metro I Calvin writing the KT okay center. This Gators were asking for the public health after a series of wrecks, including a fatality on. I forty. I'd happened early this morning between Portland MacArthur in Oklahoma City. Oh, HP after Ronnie Hampton, telling us for investigators, we've wheel assembly came off semi.

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