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DH out on stage that way. No, it's it's It's true when he says no tricks, no delays, no post production. On this edition of new sounds, We will hear both the James Tenney piece and this work by Colin Stetson will also hear music for multiple Soon's by Michael Gordon and some music for the Contra bass clarinet, a rare member of the Reid family from John McCowen. And to begin some music for the alto sax by Labor. Tucci. I'm John Shaffer. Glad you've joined us for what is obviously a very read driven addition of new sounds, Saxophones galore, actually, not really just one sacks at the time, but several different players along the way. Labor. Tucci has put out an album called Metal Ether, and The Peace We're Going to hear is called Patterns for Alto has this kind of driving post minimalist quality to it. And the album title Metal Ether suggests some weird mix of of ethereal ambient music and the kind of Intensity and drive of metal of black metal or some form of heavy metal. I think you could probably say the same thing for the Collins Stetson piece that will hear the title track from his album All this I do for glory. We know that Colin Stetson is a fan of black metal in particular because his arrangement of Gretzky's third Symphony uses that the sounds of that genre, But he also creates this wall of sound this tapestry. By singing through the instrument and using key clicks, his percussion and miking different parts of the instrument. As I said, all this I do for Glory's the name of the piece and again important. Remember, In both of these cases, you are listening to one person playing one saxophone. Here's patterns for alto from layover, Tucci. Sax player and composer Colin Stetson. All this I do for glory title track of the solo album of the same name. Yes, I said solo..

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