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What is potentially next is Jamie Floyd Newsrooms, legal editor and senior editor of Our Race and Justice. Unit and I think you may be going for the Kornacki. Jamie. We're keeping you on the air a lot these days. That's a thing now. So yesterday we talked. We talked about many court cases that the Trump campaign has filed. We talked about this yesterday. Has there been any movement in any of those cases in the last 24 hours? Oh, yeah, well, the legal offensive continues Alison despite a number of setbacks since we spoke at this time yesterday, 24 hours ago, the campaign sue to allow its observers closer to ballot counting in Pennsylvania as we discussed. That's who resulted in a minor victory when the judge essentially ordered the parties to negotiate over the Trump campaign's desire to observe the counting. And they did. And so now the Republicans are a bit closer to the action. But Alison importantly, the counting is ongoing in Pennsylvania, so they were not successful in halting the count. A similar suit in Michigan has been dismissed. A suit over late absentee ballots in Georgia has been dismissed. So to be clear vote counting continues in Pennsylvania, Nevada. Georgia and Arizona. And these are the battleground states, which are under intense scrutiny. As you've been discussing bite an inching closer to the electoral college votes he needs to secure the presidency and obviously our newsroom closely tracking the count. And we'll bring it to listeners and readers on Gothamist as soon as we know more Over the last 24 hours. Officials in these states that are still too close to call have emphasized that they're not seeing voter fraud and that they're doing things very carefully. Why is it so important to emphasize that these last ballots are counted? Right, Well, you know, in addition to slowing the process down, which is President Trump's goal in filing these suits. President Trump is also continuing to cast doubt on the results on the process. He's also keying up his supporters who are reportedly Allison. Planning rallies across the country, their branding their rallies now as protect the vote rallies, But the countervailing goal of the people in these many halls across the country doing the counting in Philadelphia in Detroit in Phoenix in Atlanta, is to respect their work. And the voters who took the time to fill out these ballots and to mail them in senior citizens, Veterans, the disabled people at risk of contracting Cove. It Their votes all count every last one. That's the foundation of our democracy. That's why it's critical that every single ballot be counted to begin to restore faith in our system after four years of it being questioned And undermined Election officials in Georgia spoke to the media this morning around 10:30 A.m., and at that time there were 4169 votes to be counted. I'm sure it's changed by now. That's that's the downside of life readers. I can't check Twitter while I'm talking to smart people because I have to listen to them. They don't expect to have what they're calling final final numbers until tomorrow. So why is it so significant? The vote in the state of Georgia remains too close to call, right. So Georgia is the most for me. The most fascinating state on the map. As you say about 96 97%, maybe even 90. 9% of the vote has been counted. The remaining votes are in democratic areas, and it's likely to be AH, and under 10,000 votes spread within within, you know that margin in a presidential election, right? Eso. It brings to mind Bush v. Gore and you know, with that in mind, the Trump campaign filed one of its lawsuits in Chatham County, claiming a CZ as we've all heard about now that 53 53 mail in ballots arrived after election Day and should be thrown out. Based on the testimony of a single GOP poll watcher, election officials said the ballots arrived before the deadline, and the lawsuit was quickly dismissed. So the counting continues there. But AH, officials are predicting Alison There will be an automatic recount triggered When the candidates are within 0.5% of each other and the results Do you have to be certified before that recount can start Alison? So we're thinking that'll be Saturday tomorrow or possibly Sunday, but everyone is expecting a recount. In Georgia. It has a huge number of counties. It's a big, It's a big It's a big process in Georgia. My guess is Jamie Floyd WNYC legal editor, Wisconsin Okay, so the Trump campaign said it will demand a recount in Wisconsin, which is not nearly as closed as the rest of the states that we're talking about today. How likely is that recount to help Trump's numbers? How likely to happen? And then how likely is it to help? It's gonna happen. It's not going to help the law in every state is different as it is for the voting process. It's different for what happens when there's a dispute. A lawn. Wisconsin says Donald Trump is entitled to a recount there if he wants to pay for it. Ah, and former Governor Scott Walker, a quite conservative Republican, has spoken out to say. Mr Trump. It's just not worth it. You're not gonna win. It's not worth it. But on Wednesday, the Trump campaign said he will request the recount after unofficial tallies there showed the spread is about 20,000 votes so and they're alleging, by the way again, Alison with little evidence that there were irregularities in the vote. Uh, the recount there, by the way cannot begin until they certify their results and those air not due until December, 1st. Oh, my goodness. I just left me with took my breath away for a minute. December 1st Ah, Pennsylvania so lies obviously on Pennsylvania. This would secure it for Vice President Biden. To get to 2 70 Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, said earlier today, no evidence the Democrats are trying to steal the election in this state. President Trump's, You know, they seem particularly and hiss surrogate, seem particularly focused on Pennsylvania. You've heard, for example, Lindsay Graham say, I trust Arizona, but not Pennsylvania. Right, Right. Well, of course, the big fight is there because there are 20 Electoral votes there, and you know that. That's the whole game If Biden wins Pennsylvania, right? Um, if if we want to know when the counting will be finished, I did talk to some lawyers close to the process, and they also are looking at finishing this weekend. It is a process for them. That they were less familiar with than other states but apparently is going much more smoothly than many had anticipated, despite claims by Republicans that they haven't been able to observe, and we just discussed that has been largely resolved..

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