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That they need they depend on taxes for thirty seven percent doubted you want to increase you're bringing outside people in the experts in the people actually know what they're doing disagree weekdays eleven am to two pm on talk twelve ninety yeah news this week here now cohen curve we are a very divided nation i'm not a politician and have never wanted to be a politician believe me but what i saw the troubled country was in i knew i couldn't stand by and watch any longer that was candidate donald trump last fall speaking in gettysburg pennsylvania wednesday shooting on a baseball field in virginia seemingly motivate aided by political anger expose some of the deep divides in the wake of the election so we travelled back to getting spurned this week to get a sense of how president trump supporters are viewing these tumultous times gettysburg pennsylvania is a charming welcoming town bordered by those vast fields that bear the scars and blood of battle tourists from across america flock here many from solid trump country reflecting unware the country is today here we standing gettysburg place where were brothers thought families were divided same thing happening in america today the concerns me greatly and i think there's a lot of on the fingerpointing and i think we've sort of wash their heart jim hellberg is a pastor from idaho wrapping up a crosscountry trip with his friend gary keeler retired from a career in law enforcement both men voted for donald trump jim is having second thoughts election were have again today would you vote for trump i built for pence home i don't know it's it's his hard gary has an opposite reaction i've actually grown mortar support trump just because of the extreme stuff that comes out against him you know it's it was so over the top with some of the coverage on even major networks stubborn person that made me want us support him more but it was the pastor's views that seemed to echo along the streets here you voted for trump and how you feeling about president trump not good not good i voted for donald trump are.

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