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You ready for this the BBC will be partnering with and you know where your lover you can't live without Greta soon bird ladies and gentleman seventeen years old she'll be doing a series for climate change and global warming so it's good to see that the B. B. C. is bringing in the heavy hitters the Swedish environmentalists Greta soon Berg who just turned seventeen and who's been programmed by her parents that should be a fun show eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two let's grab another call queens New York Eddie I'm right around the corner from you how are you Hey gang good afternoon how's it going good welcome I am I'm an airforce back to when I had the the thing I wanted to mention that I I'm I'm curious about it is this not a big deal the fact that last election twenty sixteen twenty nine percent research that you twenty eight twenty eight percent to research that the Latino vote going to president trump isn't that a huge deal I think it's a huge deal I think it's gonna be a lot bigger I think it's over look I don't think anyone everyone talks about it and I think if he's a so called racist as they always say all the nonsense they taught their Adam the fact that he got twenty eight percent with all those attacks against them I mean I I don't I don't know how old he can't go but well I think one of the reasons is and thank you for your call and he is the news media there they direct the narrative and if even when you go to when you look at and again the on the conservative side we don't talk much about demographic this and demographic that that's designed to divide and conquer and that's what the Democrats strategy is been very good at we'll get this group of people that feel this way very angry at that group of people and then we'll tell the women that without us they can't however the reality is most minority groups categorize that way by the left have more in common with conservative values then liberal progressive values that's the fact of it that's probably why they don't wanna talk about it for example the Latino community the incredible work ethic the family value the family structure the religion the foundational religion in so many countries where people come here to settle resettle or and and where they come here legally religion is such ship it play such a big role and this and that the interesting thing is the same thing can be said for the black vote and I don't know if the news media they don't want to bring it up but the new it it I'm glad you called Eddie insure that statistic because people are under the impression that there's one percent of this group in point old three percent of that group and then there's just that guy can from the radio with a pickup truck in a rebel flag vote for trump that's not the case all you have to do is Google you pick who ever you do not think would vote for Donald Trump and Google VAQ definition for Donald Trump our trans genders for Donald Trump Latinos are Donald Trump pick one immigrants for Donald Trump small business owners are just go pick one and you're gonna be shocked you don't hear that about it in the news media and and the black community is the same way with the religious roots and the love and respect of god and even when you go deeper into older demographics you do find a on mentioned respect for law enforcement we're supposed to believe all this propaganda that dripped out of eight years of bombing as some like this group doesn't like cops and this group doesn't like that and that group does it it now the more you do the deeper you drill into America the more American values you'll find in common that's the craziest thing it's like whether it was my family coming over from Hungary or Poland or my friends family coming over from Italy they want to learn the language they love the American flag they're proud of the military so right off the bat the talking points are not what the new twenty first century liberal progressive Democratic Party.

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