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The rules of engagement chafed uh certainly at too many of us of there were many things that we could have done we simply chose not to do with struck me as at the time awed end and today it strikes me as odd particularly as the stories perverted into the notion that we lost the losing and deciding to lose are two different things well that they're question you know you're exactly right when when they're fighting on the ground um you know during what we call the tet offensive it it it uh they're they're they're winning tactically they're their crushing emea there as you know decimating the viet cong and who don't really recover from this though yeah i wanted to add very quickly after the tet offensive the viet cong ceased to effectively exists because the north vietnamese used them as cannon fodder during the tet outside of long bed the first wave we discovered were kids high on opium carrying sticks and they were there to draw our trade fire so that the second wave that had the ak forty seven's could see where our positions were and never again was the viet cong overly tried to reconstituted it was never again and effective force and the whole fiction of this guerrilla war was exposed that point on it was north vietnamese army regulars fighting this battle in south vietnam right of course they're coming down the ochida in trail uh and it i you know in prior to this sixty six fifty seven you know the north vietnam and suffered mass casualties with bombings in hanoi and you can see the '68 ted is a is a rod to turn the tide of the war ends it's interesting talking about the boys with sticks stan he's in eichor up here the dmz for those who don't know igor the south vietnam was broken into four military regions one gore abs it's a you've roman numerals everybody called an icrc were that was the northern part with the denying encased saw in that area to core the.

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