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Know sunny Weaver traded away three first round picks. And she was very surprised that you could do that. And also very surprised that you don't pick at all in that round in future years. And then when they traded away their second round pick later in the movie, she was even more surprised and started yelling at sunny and thought he was a bad general manager, and then it kind of all played out where they got their picks back and got their running back in their linebacker and everything else. So she was very interested at one point she asked if this was real. If this really happened in real life, and I had to explain to her. No it was a fictional movie. At one point she also asked she said sodas the worst team in the NFL get the number one pick. And I said, yes. And I said at the cardinals have that this year, and she asked if we knew who they're picking and I said, well, everyone thinks they're peeing Kyla Murray. But nobody knows for sure. And then she was very surprised at the Carl's had the first pick. We as she wants to know where the dolphins were picking it. I said thirteen she said, I'm lying. She goes. They were a lot worse than the thirteenth spot in the draft. They should be picking first overall. So I had to explain to her that no thirteen still pretty bad. And they squeaked out a few wins that they shouldn't have Matthew. Let me let me this. Yes. You this? If you told Chrissie that the era Zona cardinals just spent a top ten pick on a quarterback. And we were hearing that they were going to draft another quarterback. What would she say? I don't know. I almost brought that up to her. But I think I didn't want overload her brain. Seeing all the all wheel in and dealing and draft day overwhelmed her yet because she was she was looking at Bryan drew who Brown's current quarterback was in the movie, and she wants to know why they still draft another quarterback. And why would they draft nother quarterback? Kyla Marie and Josh Rosen. But I didn't get into that. Look I've never seen draft..

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