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And then if he's actually on the football team, and then the football team moves, I mean, what an unbelievable story that would be from various perspective. These are the same fans that you didn't go to play baseball for and I get it. In most cases, nobody knows their minor league players, right? Like, most fans can't tell you. Hey, this is who the Diamondbacks drafted in the first round last year, or you know, this is who the. Brewers drafted in the first round last year. But everybody knows who the as drafted last year on the first round because it's kinda Murray. So they felt they were getting this star. Even though his baseball ranking if you will wasn't as high as football ranking there was a lot of scouts that were lower Nkala Murray, then were the Oakland A's, but the Oakland fans have got to be like, wait. So all we're gonna get this guy is for year. That's gotta suck. If you're a fan of Oakland. But I do want to see him go to the raiders and see what he's like Jon Gruden. I don't wanna see him plan. Zona? I don't trust the Zona is going to coach him up the right way. I don't trust that they're going to put the proper offensive line around him to help him grow as a player because they didn't do it to Josh Rosen. I don't wanna see column go to Arizona, and it'd be a failure there. Now, I'm not saying it's a hundred percent going to be a failure. But I would just like to see him be in a place that it's a better story. The raiders are better story because they're the raiders there a national brand they're moving they have Antonio Brown. They have Derek Carr. What happens with Derek Carr? C the other thing with the raiders they take. Murray, if he's sticks around until the fourth BIC, then you have the question of what's going to happen car? Because now we know that Josh Rosen's on the market, but at the raiders really are infatuated with Murray because we know that Jon Gruden internally it's been reported that he isn't super crazy about Derek Carr that brings a whole new wrinkle into the draft right because if Derek cars on the market, then you have teams calling the raiders about Derek Carr. That would be fascinating to watch on draft night. If it's not Josh Rosen. The one that's up there in terms of the trades. But if it's actually Derek Carr that would be awesome. A lot more to get into including the history of these first round quarterbacks which ones do we think in this draft will actually work out which ones we'll be failures compared to what we've seen in recent history and moral chat with Ed Valentine from big blue view. We'll try to get ED's opinion. He covers the giants. Of course, what the hell. Are they going to do at six and seventeen they've been great. I put up smokescreens, but we actually believe that Dave Gettleman can make the right selection. We'll get to that. You're listening to Brian Barrett on radio..

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