Rudy Giuliani, Congress, Russia discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Proceeds benefit top. Doc, central Arizona block, sixty thirty south main avenue. President Trump just tweeted the Russia hoax. Never happened again calling it a fraud. Democrats couldn't disagree. More House Judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler says he still needs to see the full special counsel Muller reports, we are advocating that all of that information should be given to the committee. We are not advocating that all the grand jury information should be go to the public wants all the evidence to see the president abused his office attorney Rudy Giuliani also told CBS face the nation. He's okay. With congress seeing everything there was nothing there. Sherry now. Prejudges case a year ago. He was he should talk about impeachment. He was overheard on Amtrak talking about impeachment. Well before the report came out while the top Republican on the house intelligence committee is ready in criminal referrals on the Russia probe for now. There will be eight referral sent by ranking member Devon Nunez on FOX's Sunday morning futures. He went into what the first five would be straight up referral. So just referrals that are that name someone and. Aim the specific crimes those crimes are lying to congress misleading. Congress leaking classified information newness did not name names. Three other referrals will be on conspiracy for lying to the Pfizer court, manipulating Intel and for leaks. He says right now there are eight referrals. But there could be as many as two dozen the initial referrals will come this week Grenell. Scott, Fox News on Wall Street stock futures are lower before today's trading Keith urban one of the big prize last night at the awards entertainer of the year. But another guy also one big male artist of the year goes to. Thomas. Casey, most graves one female artist of the year on the CBS show. Dan shea got duo of the year and the awards for song and single Baylor is the Queen of women's college basketball eighty to eighty one win over Notre Dame in the championship game tonight. The men's final Virginia versus Texas.

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