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That border crossing has just been reopened. Additional personnel are at the crossing, including military police who are there to assist border patrol agents and not perform law enforcement functions. Tensions are escalating as the four and a half year old conflict between Ukraine and Russia takes on a naval dimension as NPR's Lucian Kim reports from Moscow the Ukrainian navy says Russia fired on its vessels off the coast of Crimea, which Russian forces occupied and seized in two thousand fourteen since Russia annexed Crimea ships travelling to Ukrainian ports on the sea of Azov have had to travel through a narrow bottleneck the Kerch strait controlled by Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin opened an eleven mile long bridge across the strait this year. On Sunday through cranium naval vessels tried to pass underneath the bridge, but were stopped by the Russian coastguard. Moscow says Ukraine is trying to provoke new hostilities while Kiev says it's continuing to be a target of Russian aggression. Target of Russian aggression. Ukraine is calling for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security council to address Russia's blockage of the Kerch strait. Lucian Kim NPR news Moscow. President Trump will be back out on the campaign trail tomorrow for the first time since the mid term elections NPR's each Rosco reports he'll be stumping for the Republican Senate candidate in a Mississippi runoff election. Republican senators Cindy, Hyde Smith was appointed to the Senate earlier this year after Senator Thad Cochran resigned due to poor health sees now in a runoff against former US agriculture secretary, Mike Espy after neither candidate got more than fifty percent of the vote on election day in a now viral video heights. Myth compliment supporter by saying she would attend a public hanging with him in response to criticism. The Mississippi Republicans said it was a, quote, exaggerated expression. Trump has endorsed Hyde. Smith on Twitter, saying she loves Mississippi and the USA Aisha Roscoe NPR news, Washington. And you're listening to NPR support for NPR comes from the Walton family foundation were opportunity takes root more information is available at Walton family foundation dot ORG..

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